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Ooooooookaayy.. *hangs head in shame* I feel horrible.. I was one of the lucky 30 bloggers selected for The Accessory Fair this year..  It is running from Saturday,  June 11th at 1PM SLT to Sunday,  June 26th at midnight (12 AM) SLT… and I am just now getting to blog it.. RL has been very very VERY busy and I just havent had time for SL.. BUT!! I am bring to you now a glance at what there is to offer at the fair for the next week!! 

Before getting to the goods… 1st… A little about the fair.. Accessory Fair 2011 by GIA is a two-week charity event based on the theme “Ancient Egypt”. It features 45+ of SL’s top accessory designers offering over 60 exclusive Relay For Life® of SL creations… 2 full sims… and all is going for a good cause!! You can read more about it here http://accessoryfair.glance-international.com/

Now!! Onto the pice from the GLANCE ACCESSORY FAIR 2011!!!! <33333333

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Dita Did It

While perhaps not the most famous wedding dress in the world, the Vivienne Westwood stunner that Dita von Teese wore for her wedding has got to be in the top ten – if only for its bold royal purple silk taffeta fabric. Impossible has taken on the challenge of recreating it in-world and proved that contrary to the name, it is possible.

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Analu's Armoire Diversity Take Two

I have been thinking about getting a nice men’s suit for some time, so Analu’s Armoire Diversity Challenge helped me take the plunge. I love the look – it makes me think of Marlene Dietrich, Greta Garbo and Lauren Bacall – the many glorious actresses who showed how great women can look. They may have dressed like men, but it only accentuated their femininity.

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Dress Me Up: Cajsa by Candy

This outfit could be a twofer, since it also meets the requirements for Analu’s Armoire Diversity Challenge, but it was actually directed by Candy Lemmon of Red-Headed Step-Child. The brief:

I want to see you in menswear! There’s nothing sexier than a girl in a man’s shirt and tie. Try Armidi or Blaze for the button-down, and don’t forget a great hat.

So, wandering in the men’s department, I have to give the men’s clothiers a big fat F for FAIL.  Guys, you have to be more demanding.  It’s absolutely unacceptable that you only get one or two layers and that your shirt layer does not include underpants to allow you to tuck your shirt or wear low rise pants. I went to many men’s stores and was just dismayed…so the shirt is from Muism, for women, but a man’s button down style.

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Winter Yum

Styles of Edo – which includes the wonderful designs of Marni Jewell formerly of azul – has many lush and glorious ball gowns. My favorite, though, by far is this richly textured, super-saturated festival of deep colors called Dark Pearl. With rich hand-painted silk organza, the color play in this dress is magnificent.

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Pink and Pucci

okay, okay, so the print blouse isn’t a Pucci, it sure makes me think of one. While wandering around Nique the other night, I wandered into Rahz and found a rack of great pop print tops including this one. One thing I cannot resist is a pucci-inspired print. No sooner did I ransack the store for more prints then I tp’ed back to the studio to shoot the luscious treasure.

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Election Night

It’s Election Night and I am eager to hear the results, expecting sweet victory.  So I am wear the color of victory – gold – in a in-between dress with a dressy looking fabric and a casual cut – perfect for most election night parties from casual to cocktail.

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Halloween Exposure

One of the really great things about Halloween for some folks is that it allows you to indulge the id a little bit, giving you permission to dress in ways that are unimaginable to you 364 other days of the year. Take for example, this Bastet costume from WishedOn, this is not the clothing of pixel prudery. No, this is exhibitionist clothing and how fun is it that Halloween’s unrestrained foolery frees our inner Jezebels.

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From Burlesque to Ballroom

Just as I was finishing the burlesque shoot, I got an urgent IM from a customer and really, really did not feel like doing a shoot with a fan tail. So, I changed my hair real quick and tossed on this lovely gown – over dressed a bit for the occasion, I know – and was there in less than a minute. Continue reading