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I'm Not Changing My Spots

I put together a fun little outfit for Sunday’s set at the Velvet. Maht played a retrospective of the music of Alex Chilton, including his solo work, music from Big Star and other bands plus covers of some of his songs. It was a great set and we all had a lovely afternoon listening to the great music of a musician whose musical influence spread much further than his name. Continue reading


I may have been slacking this weekend in terms of posting but only because I worked a hellacious weekend in RL – 14 hour days in 105 weather than had me so tired that if I were not at work, I was asleep. However, I have three days off now and can catch up a bit. This is something similar to what I planned to wear for the conference this weekend before the weather went crazy. It has the professional look I like and is layered with a camisole underneath. The pants, from Lelutka, are a bit of a surprise.

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The Fastest Compliment Ever

Okay, so I was checking out some demos from DrLife and Rockberry and generally futzing around when I got an IM reminding me that Achariya was going to me on Fabulous Fashion TV and so I dropped what I was doing and just before TP’ing I realized I had on DEMO skin. Now, unnoticed, Ryker Beck had sent out two Blogger packs of her two new skin releases under the new brand Exodi (previously Genesis) and they were sitting there innocently waiting in the folder right above the demo packs, so I  quickly popped it open and wore the first skin I clicked on and tp’ed away. No sooner did I get there than I received an IM – “love your skin!!! can you tell me where you got it.”  Well, I knew it was Exodi, but I had not even looked at what I looked like yet. I just had perfect confidence that if Ryker made it, it was fab. And well, judge for yourself.

This is what else I was wearing… The flower wash jeans from Callie Cline on sale right now for 50L. I have been planning to hop over there and pick them up, but the sale lit a fire and I went there first thing where I ran into Callie so I grabbed her for my Double Take project.

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Blogger Appreciation Week

Yesterday was the culmination of Blogger Appreciation Week, a fun PressieFest for bloggers that may have long term positive benefits for bloggers, creators and readers in that serious and productive discussions in the fashion bloggers group, on Shopping Cart Disco and in plurk looked at ways that creators and bloggers can interact with less anxiety, blogging tips were shared and bloggers discovered many new to them shops that may soon find their way into their blogs. There was a dress code for the party that was strictly enforced and as you can see, it was white tee shirts, jeans, no socks and no jewelry.  Also, as you can see, when agent provacateur Tenshi Vielle showed up everyone started chasing her.

Hanging out in between the afternoon and the late afternoon and evening parties, I tossed on a jacket and shoes so I was basically dressed for the party as I thought it would be fun to meet many of the bloggers I have been reading for the year and a half. I added my trusty Maitreya Desert boots, though just the bottoms, leaving the ankle pieces off. I also added this fabulous Blogger Appreciation gift from MALT – the SE Antique Gold Jacket. If SE means Special Edition, it’s possible it will only be available in other colors, but even so, it’s a stunner with fabulously well made prims. There are several size options in the folder and they have resizer script options as well.

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On Little Cat Feet

The Fog

The fog comes
on little cat feet.

It sits looking
over harbor and city
on silent haunches
and then moves on……
Carl Sandburg

Perhaps it’s merely because the poncho comes from Mooncat Izumo that this outfit reminds me so much of my favorite Carl Sandburg poem.  Of course, some of that impression also comes from the gradients of gray in the skirt that recall a foggy sky. However, when I put this on, I immediately thought of Chicago and the marvelous Carl Sandburg.

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Beneath the tree that died

I shot these photos at AM Radio’s Beneath the Tree That Died art installation that had been at the University of KY sim but is now at Welsh Lakes up in the sky between his other builds.  The rail fence is not part of the build. It’s Luth Brodie’s pose rail. I really wanted to shoot this outfit with a western feeling, bringing the Naive boho skirt back to its country roots.  I must say I spent more time on getting the Style Notes together on this post than is healthy – and ended up having a mini shopping spree while doing so as the shirt and vest in the picture because a mystery requiring all my best detecting skills.

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Dress Me Up: Cajsa by Achariya

My directions from Achariya were quite generous in allowing me to choose what I wanted. She wrote:

For you, I think I’d want to see you in cute yet classic style from Japanese designers. How about a coat and pants and hair from DP**yumyum? (There are some pants on sale in the sale room, really cute capris). Boots from J’s, and other accessories from Swallowtail? ♥ Thank you for letting me play with you!

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Learning to Knit

When I trotted out the Learning Suit from Paper Couture yesterday, I said the top would be wonderfully useful for other outfits because it has such a rich beautiful texture. Here’s a sample. The boat neck of the Learning Suit shirt works beautifully with this cowl neck sweater I got at the huge Celestial Studios sale. Now I knew I just had to find a perfect little skirt to go with.

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One Dress = Six Looks

Baiastice is not the most expensive clothing store in Second Life® but it is costly enough that I do think about an outfit’s flexibility when I buy it. Can it be worn more than one way? If so, then I can mentally cut the cost in half, thirds or in this case, sixths. This one outfit, tossed about with other items in my inventory easily makes six different looks…and if I had more time, I probably could have done a few more.  Here you see it as it is, out of the box from Baiastice Continue reading