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Blogging has many perquisites, or perks, that we try to make as transparent as possible so our readers know what may or may not influence us. I had to use the word perquisites instead of the usual perks just because 10 dollar words drive Tenshi crazy. And who can resist the opportunity?  Among the perks are occasional promotional copies, advance notice of some releases and even seeing and having an opportunity to give opinions on items in the process of creation. One perk not often mentioned is the occasional discovery of new stores and talents that come about as a result of a designer knocking on my IM window and saying I am sending you a couple items and hope you will look at them.  And that happened this weekend when Nikki Herron of G&N Quality Design sent me a couple folders, including this freebie that she has on offer for this week only.  I was immediately impressed by the quality of the textures – and the bold sweep of the top. I really love the attention taken with the wrinkles, the weave of the fabric and the weave in the capris.

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Blogger Appreciation Week

Yesterday was the culmination of Blogger Appreciation Week, a fun PressieFest for bloggers that may have long term positive benefits for bloggers, creators and readers in that serious and productive discussions in the fashion bloggers group, on Shopping Cart Disco and in plurk looked at ways that creators and bloggers can interact with less anxiety, blogging tips were shared and bloggers discovered many new to them shops that may soon find their way into their blogs. There was a dress code for the party that was strictly enforced and as you can see, it was white tee shirts, jeans, no socks and no jewelry.  Also, as you can see, when agent provacateur Tenshi Vielle showed up everyone started chasing her.

Hanging out in between the afternoon and the late afternoon and evening parties, I tossed on a jacket and shoes so I was basically dressed for the party as I thought it would be fun to meet many of the bloggers I have been reading for the year and a half. I added my trusty Maitreya Desert boots, though just the bottoms, leaving the ankle pieces off. I also added this fabulous Blogger Appreciation gift from MALT – the SE Antique Gold Jacket. If SE means Special Edition, it’s possible it will only be available in other colors, but even so, it’s a stunner with fabulously well made prims. There are several size options in the folder and they have resizer script options as well.

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She Flies Through the Air

with the greatest of ease – particularly when using the Aerial Assault poses from Long Awkward Pose. While visiting Festivale yesterday, I was entranced by Pixel Dust – a store in a big circus tent –  complete with trapeze swings. I remembered a dress Miffy from Zenith gave me a month ago or so and thought it might make the perfect aerialist dress.

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I was eager to see the new Festivale sim. Whether giggling over the names of the Long Awkward Poses or enjoying the witty conversations on plurk with Autumn Hykova and Dove Swanson – I figured their new sim would be made with wit as well as skill…and it is. I was thrilled to find this old pickup behind the LAP store and immediately knew I wanted to take a picture. Happily I was already dressed in something that suited the setting.

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Lacy Lace

RunoRuno’s white lace dress is extraordinarily flexible, coming in 2 lengths. Because the prim skirt is actually 3 prims, it stays looking good even while dancing – which sure worked for me when I danced away the Sunday afternoon in this dress. I also go a lot of compliments on the dress and can tell you that guys like it.

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Good morning starshine

Continuing with wonderful Hair Fair finds, today I am wearing the Codie hair style from Mirada – a new-to-me store with wonderful hair that needed no tinting. There’s a nip in the air so I put on this cuddly warm Round and Aboutton dress from Veschi. It’s autumnal colors put me in mind of the prairie so I headed out to The Refuge and Prospect and hopped a train. Continue reading