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Raid My Closet Challenge Pt. I


I love the idea behind the Raid My Closet Challenge. With an inventory overflowing with far more clothes than I can keep track of and more shoes than a Jimmy Choo store, it makes sense to dig around in the inventory rather than buy something new. We all know that there have been great advances in the technology of clothing design and that there’s a reason some of the clothing moldering in our folders are not seeing the light of day anymore, but among those older clothes and shoes are gems that are just as good as ever.

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E is for E!, Echo and Essential

Culture Shock e! and Echo

Essential is the word for Médecins Sans Frontières MSF (Doctors Without Borders) who, because they are independent of any government agenda, go where they are needed without fear or favor. One of the places they go is Cameroon where they provide critical work fighting drug resistant HIV, Buruli ulcers and cholera. You can help support this work with an expedition to Culture Shock.

One of the complaints my friends from Africa have voiced is that too often, all we hear from Africa is war, famine and disease. We don’t hear about the vibrant culture and the joy of Africa. A Cameroonian poet Emmanuel Fru Doh wrote about this in his poem Telling Africa. I think it is important that while supporting this essential work of MSF, we remember that the people they serve are more than their diseases, that they have a rich cultural tradition and a long history. That link will take you to a collection of Cameroonian poetry – a small window into the wider panorama of life there.

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The ocean is a desert with its life underground


One of the most enigmatic songs of all time popped into my head while trying to conjure up a title for this post. I was sim-hopping through the many Linden Endowment for the Arts sims and stopped off at one (LEA17) that struck me as having a gorgeous, high desert atmosphere that might be fun for playing around with shadows. I used the Barcelona windlight setting though I fiddled around with the time of day and where east was relative to the sim just to arrange the lighting more conveniently. My outfit was great for trekking about – though that Maitreya top actually has a long, draping open back.

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Back in my infancy when I graduated from high school and thought I knew everything, I gave the valedictory speech at graduation. My title was “You get from life what you put into it.” How smug that sounds to me today. The lessons of time and experience have taught me that life is much more random that that. The course of your life is not determined by hard work and will alone, but by hard work, will combined with health, luck (good or bad) and sheer randomness. You can control some factors, but not all of them and even with the best of control of your own efforts, you can’t control others. We all like to take credit for our successes and blame outside forces for failures. That’s human nature. There is, however, one way that we still have control and it’s in how we react. Are we positive or negative? Do we try for more kindness in our actions and less bitterness? Our attitude to the randomness of life plays a major role in how we get along and move along in the world, so I guess that old speech wasn’t so bad after all.

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Hair Fair Ponies and Braids

Ponies and Braids

Ponies, pigtails and braids, oh my! Hair Fair is rich in tails and braids and there are some really great choices. A few let you customize them with color-change huds or scripts to alter the color of the pony fastener or the streaks in your hair. There are full-size pictures in the Flickr slideshow here. I shot these styles in a gorgeous dress from Vanitas Vesture that has such a great skirt, I decided to make a little video to show you how it moves in the newly released Model XXX AO from Behavior Body.
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Let the Sun Shine!

Now that winter is nearly upon us I felt a nice sunny post for this week’s color in the bloggers challenge was appropriate.  Goldenrod was a challenging color for me as I have very little yellow in my wardrobe, its does not look good on me in RL so I just don’t usually wear it in SL.  But here goes….. found this groovy outfit at Nyte ‘N’ Day and thought “perfect”.  I love the look and the color is fabulous. AND amazingly enough, Gala looks GREAT in yellow (or goldenrod)!

Take a look and see if you don’t agree!

Style notes:

Outfit:  Nyte ‘N’ Day – Retesk, Orange (but I think its Goldenrod)

Jewelry:  Nova – Bangles, Brown

Shoes:  Bax – Prestige, White Leather

Hair:  Sweet – Baroness V1, DT12

Eyes:  Poetic Colors – Bright, Ice Crystals

Skin:  League – Amber, Sunkiss-Pink Champagne

Week 2 ~ I'm Feeling Blue

Well.. not really but… it is the BLUE week in the 52 Weeks of Color bloggers challenge.  Once in a while I like to take a walk on the wild side… or at least the less dressy side and relax and get comfy.  This outfit is the lazydayIdon’tfeellikefixingmyhairorgoinganywhere outfit I would wear (well I would have on slippers in RL, but this is SL) if I was staying home look.  I bought this outfit on the new Marketplace and it didn’t come with a Landmark (I hate when they do that).  But its from a place called *T & A Designs* and I got the link from the Marketplace, so I hope its right.

Check it out… cute huh?

Style Notes:

Outfit:  *TD* – Sascha – Blue Plaid shirt and jeans

Shoes:  Nova – Biker Boots – Silver

Hair:  Truth – Sienna 2 – Auburn

Eyes:  Poetic Colors – Bright, Grand Canyon

Skin:  League – Amber – Sunkiss, Aqua

In the Subway Take Two


Another great jacket and pants set featured at Modavia Fashion Week comes from Shai Delacroix of Casa del Shai. It’s the Vixen Knit Kimono with Leopard Print pants. I really love the texturing on this outfit. In fact, I oohed and aahed like an idiot while watching it come down the runway at the show.


I shot this again at the Subway Station that Urban Decay sells. This is in the front part of the station before the turnstiles that lead to the tunnel.
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Hey, did you happen to see…

Hey, did you happen to see the most beautiful girl…? This photo of Gidge made me think of the old Charlie Rich song except the rest of the lyrics just don’t make sense for the post or our friendship so I think I will only borrow half the first sentence.  How’s that for arbitrary? There’s nothing arbitrary about this skin, though, and the classically elegant beauty it portrays. It’s an upcoming release from PXL Creations and I would love to tell you when it’s coming out but frankly, PXL skin designer Hart Larsson needs to have a sit-down with Voltaire. He’s made 8 new iterations since this one – all improvements, though most too subtle for me to see. However, it won’t be long and I can’t wait to see the makeups.

The two of us are wearing lace dresses from Choramimi – a new-to-us store we found at Switch, the shopping sim. I finally dragged her to eha and she loved the hair. Then we ran around looking at other stores and found some lovely things like these dresses at an uebelievably low price of 77L each.

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Baby's Got a New Pair of Shoes

Anyone who follows my plurks for any length of time knows I am a shoe hound. I love shoes and frequently post pics of shoes that melt my butter. Cat from the A-Bomb team recently was inspired by a pic I plurked from Valentino’s 2010 Spring collection to create a wonderful in-world homage and was kind enough to name them the Cajsa boots. Yes, I am doing the happy dance! Baby’s Got a New Pair of Shoes! and they’re named after me!

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