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The Grasslands

Noweeta Grassland

I spent far too much shopping this weekend with so many new releases and events that I decided to take a break and go for a walk at the fabulous Noweeto Grasslands. I thought the lizard tote from Celoe would love to go for a walk with me.

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Kiss Kiss Bang Bang


Story has it that Pauline Kael, the late great film critic, was in Italy where she saw a poster for a James Bond film with the title “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” and she quipped “Those words are perhaps the briefest statement imaginable of the basic appeal of movies” They were also the title of one of her books and later of a a film noir send up with Robert Downey, Jr. and Val Kilmer. In Second Life, though, it’s a clothing store – one with fun clothing at amazing prices. My bright yellow dress is from KKBB and was only three lindens. It comes in several colors, but I loved the yellow – a bright yellow in default lighting.
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Commentary with a Dash of Glitter

Callie Cline released a cotton-candy sweet confection called the little glitter dress. Perfect name. It’s little, especially in length and it glitters with all the soft pastels of spring. I adore the dress and thought it was perfect for the softly romantic new Chloe skin from Exile.

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Whither Spring?

What do we want? Sun! When do we want it? Now! I know that we Oregonians are not supposed to expect sunny days until June, but I am getting a little bit tired of all the rain. In anticipation of summer sun, I opted for sunny yellow with this lovely outfit coupling a nice breezy sunny yellow top from Beetlebones with some summer white pants from Lelutka.  While the texturing of the top is imperfect with a little bit of gray edging at the arms and neckline, I do love the sunny color and the softly feminine design with the dainty white eyelet embroidery at the bottom. It suits my seasonal mood – even if the weather outside doesn’t.

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Accessorize Me

My instinct when choosing jewelry and other accessories is to choose something with the dominant color in the outfit, but sometimes it’s fun and successful to choose a different option – either choosing a color that is present but in small amounts or choosing an absent color that interacts well with your main color.  For this luscious purple print blouse from Atelier la Bubu, I chose orange jewelry and shoes reasoning that purple would just disappear in the activity of the textile.  The textile designer also included orange, in very small amounts.

Choosing a color that works comes naturally for most of us. We just know what looks good to our eyes. However, if you are ever curious why colors look good to you, you can look to color theory for the answer. In essence, color theory explains why our innate sense of color harmony prefers some color combinations and thinks others clash.  For example, orange is one of the colors associated with purple in the Triadic color scheme which splits the color wheel into thirds. Using a triadic scheme does not obligate you to use all three colors – just helps you find colors that will harmonize with each other. You can see your many options below in this chart of purple color schemes.

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Don't Tell Mama! We're having a vaudeville party!

Thinks I’m living in a convent,
A secluded little convent
In the southern part of France.

Doesn’t even have an inkling
That I’m working in a Nightclub
In a pair of Lacy pants.

So please, sir.
If you run into my Mama,
Don’t reveal my indiscretion,
Give a working girl a chance.

I love cabaret, burlesque and vaudeville music – the naughty risque and boisterously celebratory music that has mostly faded away though resuscitated from time to time with revival CD’s like Ute Lemper’s Berlin Cabaret Songs where you can hear Don’t Tell Mama in all its glory.  Authorities like to pretend that culture marches in a straight line directly from nostalgic purity to modern hedonism on its way to hellfire and damnation. It’s much more complicated than that – and really goes through eras of social liberality and repression, openness and prudery, swinging back and forth like a pendulum and while one or the other might be in ascendent, the other cultural mores are there waiting their turn again.  The prudes tsk-tsking away during liberal eras and the flamboyant maintaining an underground cultural freedom during repressive eras.

The 1890’s through the early 1930’s were an era of liberality that sparked great music, new fashions and new roles for women. Certainly the raunchiest song I have ever heard is from that era, raunchier by far than anything by Nine Inch Nails or Soulja Boy.  Beware, it’s Not Safe For Work!  There were also songs about the drug culture such as Wacky Dust and Reefer Man.  Remember that when someone’s granddad or great granddad is going off complaining about “kids today” that really, everything old is new again, including raunchy music.

So, to celebrate the fabulous fashions of the Designers United Vaudeville exhibition and the joyous music of that time period, I thought a Vaudeville/Burlesque Dance Party might be in order – and Sasy Scarborough graciously offered The Deck as a venue….so please, mark your calendars for 8 p.m. Saturday January 2nd at the Deck for a crazy set of music from the past – and some from the present, too.

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The House of QXI Moves to Zindra

posted by Gidge Uriza

Silo and I live on a swath of mainland which is neither glamorous nor fascinating. However it’s our little stretch and we like it fine. We’ve always tried to make friends with our neighbors (even the weird pyramid sex club people) and because of that we’ve gained a great friend, QXI Gears.  But since the new NOTTI RULES have been passed, she had to move her gallery to Zindra.

If you are unfamiliar with her work, she does digital erotic art. Now – no it’s not the kind your boyfriend is secretly creating by choosing “Quiet Snapshots to Disk” but instead is something of an all together different sort. Continue reading