Learning to Knit

When I trotted out the Learning Suit from Paper Couture yesterday, I said the top would be wonderfully useful for other outfits because it has such a rich beautiful texture. Here’s a sample. The boat neck of the Learning Suit shirt works beautifully with this cowl neck sweater I got at the huge Celestial Studios sale. Now I knew I just had to find a perfect little skirt to go with.

Digging around in my closet, I found this lovely plaid from Kurotsubaki. I didn’t have the shoes I envisioned, but I remembered these from Storm Schmooz when I bought a pair in a different color. I thought about digging around in my inventory some more, but I knew these were exactly what I wanted so I popped over to Storrm Schmooz and picked them up. Bad idea! Can you ever go to a shoe store and escape with just one?

And now for the pooping rainbows part with a touch of OMG, woot and love, love, love. This sweater from Celestial Studios is pure rainbow poop. First, it comes on the shirt and jacket layers for flexibility.  Secondly, look at those sleeves, see how it wraps around the thumb.  Look at the collar and shoulders. Three prim pieces so you can raise your arms over your head and not look like you are trying to swim out of your sweater. This comes in a “Willow Pack” and is well worth the investment.

The earrings are from Genesis – the Prathivi set. I really love their jewelry – particular that the necklaces come in two versions – neck and chest. I had put the necklace on but while planting trees I accidentally put a tree “on” and must knocked the necklace off. Don’t you just hate that? Then when I went to put it back on I decided to go without, something I almost never do in RL or SL – but I really liked the look of the top and sweater alone.

****STYLE NOTES******

  • Skin: PXL Crys Coffee Lips Dark Eyes (not on sale)
  • Eyes: IC-Eyes Soulful Hazel
  • Lashes: CyberNetic
  • Hair: Tami McCoy Attitude
  • Top: Paper Couture Learning Suit Shirt
  • Sweater: Celestial Studios Rainy Day Sweater
  • Skirt: Kurotsubaki Brown Check Skirt
  • Shoes: Storm Schmooz Duote
  • EArrings: Genesis Prathivi

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