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Bandana Day With the Sexiest Swimsuit in Second Life

So reading the newest issue of Sxy2nd I see that readers voted and chose a swimsuit from JustB as the Sexiest Swimsuit in Second Life. I definitely had to check that out. The suit in the photo was white, but I chose the red for my bandana day outfit because, hey, it’s the 4th of July tomorrow.  You are not seeing the sexiest option, that is after the cut and still discreetly photographed…you know me. I had some running around to do, so I covered up a bit with some other super sexy clothes from Exodi.

If you were paying attention last week, you would have popped over to Exodi for the 50% off sale in which 100% of proceeds were to be donated to Make A Wish Foundation in Michael Jackson’s memory. The total raised was 812.99  which is very exciting. While the sale was on, I ran over and picked up just about all the tops she has.

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Dress Me Up: Cajsa by Achariya

My directions from Achariya were quite generous in allowing me to choose what I wanted. She wrote:

For you, I think I’d want to see you in cute yet classic style from Japanese designers. How about a coat and pants and hair from DP**yumyum? (There are some pants on sale in the sale room, really cute capris). Boots from J’s, and other accessories from Swallowtail? ♥ Thank you for letting me play with you!

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Magic Time

Shirt, Pants and Vest all from Street Magic

Don’t lose the wonder in your eyes
I can see it right now when you smile
Let me go back, for a while
Let me go back, for a while
To that magic time

You can call it nostalgia, I don’t mind
Standing on that windswept hillside
Listenin’ to the church bells chime
Listen to the church bells chime
In that magic time

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Too Sexy For My Shirt

I have all this lovely lingerie, so how do I show it off without prancing around in my knickers?  This is a partial answer.

Whether loves going to leave me or not, my shirt looks like it’s about to. You know, there were some wonderful finds at the Lingerie Expo, but some of the most exquisite were from ALB Dream Fashion who presented lovely sets with bold prints and patterns. In this photo I am wearing ShuShu though you can only see the bra – peeking through the hanging-on-by-a-thread sheer red blouse from X2 Clothing. Continue reading

Treasure Hunting

Now, is there a more drop everything event than a treasure hunt at Baiastice? Maybe, but I can’t think of any off the top of my head. Baiastice opened on a new sim yesterday and is celebrating by hosting a 20 item treasure hunt. You need to look for lovley gold pouches that are teeny, tiny wee little bags. It’s not easy, but then it’s still worth it because the freebies inside are delectable Baiastice items. The first of my finds was a formal gown, Old America, that Gidge would have loved for her Patriotica series. I snagged just the top for this outfit, though, going for a casual look. The skirt is another treasure hunt prize – a pouch with this skirt in three lovely colors. I added my Ce Ce Cubic blue jacket to finish the look. Continue reading