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Casual Friday in Purple

This is the perfect outfit for the weather today – a bit warm a bit brisk, sunny – cloudy, oh damn we can’t make up our minds weather. But no rain! In a city that gets over 200 days of rain, that’s a plus. If I could, I would natter on all day about the purple cardigan from Kurotsubaki. It’s a lovely wrap sweater replete with multiple prim attachments – including the lovely bell sleeves. What’s unique is that there are 4 prims for the flowy bits – 2 for each attachment point so you can choose exactly how full and flowy you want it to be. I chose the less full options just because that seemed more casual.

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From Silks to Chic

I was recently passed a couple of outfits from Riviera Couture as a thank you for some dresses I blogged awhile back. One was a lovely set of silks called Bollywood with a full bodice, but flowing silks for a skirt. It was gorgeous with a beautiful teal and royal blue brocade bodice and a gorgeous teal and cerise stola, it’s just the skirt was simply not my style. But then it occurred to me to pair it with a regular skirt and the result was better than I could have expected.

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posted by Gidge Uriza

Cajsa asked, out on Plurk, what designers of note are underblogged. She shared with me the other day the list that came back and I mentally went through and said “blogged them, blogged them, blogged them…..” but then she got to Kurotsubaki and I said “Oh yeah, I own some pieces but I’ve never blogged them.” and slipped into this baby doll dress. Continue reading

Learning to Knit

When I trotted out the Learning Suit from Paper Couture yesterday, I said the top would be wonderfully useful for other outfits because it has such a rich beautiful texture. Here’s a sample. The boat neck of the Learning Suit shirt works beautifully with this cowl neck sweater I got at the huge Celestial Studios sale. Now I knew I just had to find a perfect little skirt to go with.

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