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I received a promotional copy of this adorable micro-mini from BOOM! this weekend and I loved the little buttons and the adorable belt so much that I had to blog it even though there’s no way I would wear a skirt that short in this life or real life. From the front, you don’t get to appreciate how dangerously short it is – but hey, that’s what tights are for!!

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December Is Upon Us

December has arrived and it brought a little snow my way – at least in Second Life®.  This is in the Winter section of the photo park at MDR and I probably should have worn boots and not slingbacks, but I liked the way they look with the pants. I didn’t hike back down the hill, anyway. I jumped on a hangglider.

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Winter Yum

Styles of Edo – which includes the wonderful designs of Marni Jewell formerly of azul – has many lush and glorious ball gowns. My favorite, though, by far is this richly textured, super-saturated festival of deep colors called Dark Pearl. With rich hand-painted silk organza, the color play in this dress is magnificent.

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One Dress = Six Looks

Baiastice is not the most expensive clothing store in Second Life® but it is costly enough that I do think about an outfit’s flexibility when I buy it. Can it be worn more than one way? If so, then I can mentally cut the cost in half, thirds or in this case, sixths. This one outfit, tossed about with other items in my inventory easily makes six different looks…and if I had more time, I probably could have done a few more.  Here you see it as it is, out of the box from Baiastice Continue reading

Berry Big-shouldered Broads

Do you love old movies? One with powerful women playing important roles? Some of them are cruel, some are vicious, some are downright wicked, but they fight and they struggle and they are tough. Man, are they tough, those big-shouldered broads like Joan Crawford and Bette Davis. I love those big-shouldered broads! When I saw Chai’s Ginger Crush skin on my shape, I immediately thought of Joan Crawford and all those tough women and this outfit just naturally flowed from there. 

I chose the Ingenue dress, Bonnie in Berry, because it had a strong vintage professional look like something Rosalind Russell would wear in His Girl Friday. The artilleri hair continues the vintage “We Can Do It” sentiment as to the sensible, though chic, shoes from Shiny Things. The jewelry from Chey’s is slightly too modern, but simple enough to squeak by. You can see more photos on my flickr

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