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Rockberry – A Full Review Including Nakie Bits

Rockberry is a skin from my long ago past that I was excited to get a chance to look at via SKIN FAIR this year. I remember long ago, them participating in a hunt or an event and liking them enough to go back shopping. This was before the grid was plagued by nonstop events, of course.

This will be a full review with body shots after the cut.

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In case you didn't know…

……Emery is having a 50% off sale on everything in store and tomorrow – December 4th – will be the last day. So, you better take advantage of this great occasion to get amazing items at such good prices!

I love Emery, its glam style, the neverending creativity, the awesome textures, the colours.

In the following picture i’m showing you my purchases, i hope you like them as much as i do:

I love Emery
Emery items:

  • Top Roxe Owl #02 Legging Roxe Floral #01 Belt Double #Fucsia
  • Jacket Doly Rocker Skirt Ebby [Berry] Socks Orchid Club #Black Skirt Highwaisted Striped #Pure (wearing this one as undershirt)
  • Outfit Singer #3


  • Skin: RockberryApple – POE4 gift
  • Hair: ExileRiot Girl – Blacks
  • Shoes: SLinkAveela Stiletto Herringbone
  • Boots: TreadsKboots
  • Shoes: MiamaiDecO Miranda Decollete (DK Blue Jeans)
  • Poses: Posies – From Cycle 14 and Cycle 15 packs

Ciao 🙂

Moon of Alabama


I love the stage at Flashman’s. It makes me think it might have been painted by Salvador Dali. Flashman’s is the sort of bar where you can imagine all sorts of excitement happening under the surface of music, dancing and laughter. Messages are passed, assignations are arranged and secrets are shared. Here’s a secret, without items from the Platinum Hunt, I would be naked in this picture.

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Riddle Me Platinum

The Dark Swamp

The Platinum Hunt is on and folks are finding the best stuff. One of the great things about hunts is that it gets us out into the stores and we can see new releases that we might have missed and discovered new stores. While Di’s Opera is not new to me, the great poses in her Platinum Hunt gift prompted me to stop by her store for an extended browse. The last thing I need is new poses, but sometimes need is not part of the equation. I ended up purchasing some new poses that I used in this post and really, isn’t that why we do hunts? The outfit I am wearing is put together with gifts from Riddle and PXL Creations. The skirt and glasses are from Riddle. It also comes with a lovely blue top, but I wanted a bit more edge so I wore PXL Creations Dominatrix Corset. Both are Platinum Hunt items, so get out there and hunt!!
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Pure Juice Got The Way To Move Me – CHERRY BABY……

My kittycat FLO and I are here to tell you that if you haven’t heard yet – PURE JUICE is coming to the Juicy Sim on March 5th and there is so much CUTE there that I had a hard time picking out what to wear next.

I am combining a few things today because if I do them one at a time the event will be over  for weeks and I’ll still be blogging. 🙂 Continue reading

If the Shoe Fits, Wear It Again & Again

I love the playful look of the Magnifico Plateau shoes. In particular, the blue ones with that beautiful shade of blue that reminds me of the Melmac dinnerware at my uncle’s cabin on Lake Kabetogama. I suppose associating shoes with dinnerware is a bit odd, but that dinnerware reminds me of family picnics, playing with cousins, tramping through the woods and hours of fun on the lake.  Just about everyone had Melmac dinnerware at their lake cabins because that stuff was indestructible. You know, Mad Max and all the post-apocalyptic survivors may lack for a lot of niceties, but they would still have Melmac. Here I am enjoying some music while wearing a great top from Eldee and capris from artilleri.
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Expectations 2

The Second in a series of posts illustrating why the label Alternative is too tight a fit for Sn@tch designs. The point of the series is not that the label is inaccurate or insulting – just that Sn@tch has a wider range of clothing than will fit in that label. For example, for this outfit, you could, if you like, pull out the Retro or Vintage label.

If you spend more than 10 minutes at Sn@tch, you will discover that Ivey has a thing for floral prints. A lot of the time you will see that love expressed in rich floral brocades that can be classified as Gothic – depending on how they are styled. On the other hand, there are some occasional flashes of pure romanticism such as this recent release of summer sun dresses in the loveliest of French floral prints.

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Every once in awhile someone produces a list of The Best of  SL Merchants in different categories. For consumers, these lists can be useful lists of new places to check out and a source for ideas of where to look, but there is the downside of short-circuiting you own exploration and the fun of finding new and unique stores. For retailers, the lists are a great boost in building traffic and brand recognition, but there is also a downside of getting pigeon-holed. That certainly has happened with Sn@tch – a store that is often labeled Punk, Goth, Grunge or whatever is the au courant label for Alternative clothing. The category fits, but too tightly – and ignores the wonderful range of mainstream separates and high fashion outfits that you can find at Sn@tch. I thought I might spend a few days highlighting how Sn@tch is much more than the label and do my small part to stretch expectations.

Consider this Uptown outfit from Sn@tch. Yes, with the right accessories, hair and makeup, it could look alternative.  However, it’s a beautifully coordinated and completely mainstream sweater and skirt that is perfectly at home in a museum, a fundraiser or most any event short of a formal ball. It’s simply beautifully done.

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I'm Bad

I am a little bad, I admit, in not getting around to posting any sort of Michael Jackson tribute until now. However, I only just decided to do this when I found the King of Pop pose set at 5ifth Order poses. I only picked up three of the 10 poses – though the entire set was tempting. Actually, the animator has a lovely tableua set up with pose balls that is just itching for a group to go jump on the pose balls and do a great group shot in all the poses. There’s fog, rocks, lights – very King of Pop!  Just as is this outfit I pulled together from Bare Rose, LeeZu and Milk Motion.

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