Dress Me Up: Cajsa by Achariya

My directions from Achariya were quite generous in allowing me to choose what I wanted. She wrote:

For you, I think I’d want to see you in cute yet classic style from Japanese designers. How about a coat and pants and hair from DP**yumyum? (There are some pants on sale in the sale room, really cute capris). Boots from J’s, and other accessories from Swallowtail? ♥ Thank you for letting me play with you!

I was very happy with her suggestions because she named three stores I loved – espcially Swallowtail. I think I may own 90% of the Swallowtail jewelry line and have even had the pleasure of being highlighted as a fashionist with Swallowtail on the company web page  in August and November.

I could not find the DPYumYum capris she mentioned but thought these leggings were sort of short – and would work with J’s Short Boots. I love the shades and highlights that make these textures so flattering – I mean look at that bum.

The jacket from DP YumYum comes in two options, check or plain and I went with the check. It has a resize script for the bottom prim and I think I clicked it 40 times before giving up on it. Then…while I was choosing a pose, the interface finally came up. Second Life was a hot mess on nonfunctionality last night.

I could not get the DP YumYum hair to fit my head – or even come close to fitting my head. The demos left me with a receding forehead that would make Jack Nicholson proud. Oh well, I went to Gritty Kitty to shop for another challenger and decided to wear the Pixie hair from there.

This is a fun challenge – and these were great choices, especially DP YumYum whom I love and have not shown on my blog once since August.

****STYLE NOTES******
All items given in a review packet are denoted with a BOLD R.

  • Poses: STriking Poses
  • Skin: Belleza Belle Medium Bronzed Mocha R
  • Eyes: IC-Eyes Soulful Hazel
  • Lashes: CyberNetic
  • Nails: Symphony Skins
  • Hair:Gritty Kitty Pixie
  • Jacket: DP YumYum Tweed Jacket
  • Tee: Celestial Studios Trixie Tank
  • Pants: DP YumYum  Leggins Beige
  • Boots: J’s Vintage Short Boots
  • Jewelry: Swallowtail Tear Drop Chain Necklace and Natural Stone Earrings

One thought on “Dress Me Up: Cajsa by Achariya

  1. achariya

    Wahaha, of course a woman with your taste would already love these stores ♥ … You look awesome, thank you for letting me dress you up. Oy about the hair; I had the same issue yesterday with Exile. (I’ve got a weird shaped head, I guess.)

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