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Wandering Wearing e!

posted by Gidge Uriza

I was wandering around the far swath of land which Silo and I live on – the one farthest from the house and most prone to squatters and another annoying types when I decided this cute casual outfit from e! (ecclectic accessories) made a pretty picture against the landscape.

Luckily, I didn’t break any nails or muss my hair cleaning up prim trash or ejecting vagabonds.

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Blue Ice

One of the places I most want to visit is Antarctica. There are lots of reasons, fascination with Scott’s doomed expedition and the heroic self-rescue of Shackleton’s expedition are a major part of it. You can see the Scott expedition versus the Amundsend expedition as the conflict between romanticism and modernity writ small. There’s such great literature of the expeditions – from the harrowing personal narratives of  Byrd’s Alone, Cherry-Garrad’s Worst Journey in the World and Shackleton’s South to the wonderful fiction like Antarctic Navigation and the current travel writing and scientific books such as The Crystal Desert. I am certain I have read the vast majority of books about Antarctica – it has such a strong fascination for me.  So far, my Antarctic adventures have been solely armchair traveling, but there’s one phenomenon of that frigid continent that can only be seen and experienced in person – the amazing blue ice which is pure ice from pure water. The purer the water, the bluer the ice. I have seen photos and it’s so beautiful it makes your heart hurt. For me, there are few things more beautiful or entrancing.

So when I say that this lovely gown from Sascha’s Designs by Saschi Frangelli makes me think of blue ice,  it’s because I think it’s incredibly beautiful. The delicate silver tracery makes it sparkle like the ice in the light – and the intense blue with that lovely tracery is entrancing. I particularly love the three bands on the back to give it visual interest.

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Quick Look:Jammies from e! Ecclectic Accessories

posted by Gidge Uriza

I used to collect pajamas like mad. When I went to bed at night, I’d put avatar Gidge into pajamas and send her to bed, just like RL Gidge. I had forgotten how soothing this was to me on some days – I might return to the practice after being reminded by e! how much I like jammies. Continue reading

Tweed: Fabrics of Fall

I miss Gidge, don’t you? She’s been offline a lot for a very good reason, all her energy going into making a baby so she’s sleeping and napping and sleeping some more. And that’s all good if it means a happy, healthy baby in April. But I still miss her and the blog really misses her posts. She’s so funny and so much fun to pal around with.

And you know she would come up with some clever title to highlight the name of the store for this gorgeous jacket/dress. It’s a lovely tweed with frog toggle closures running up the front. Other great details include the slightly puffed sleeves and cuffs. Though the skirt prim is not open in the front, making it a dress, not a jacket, I decided to squint and think of it as a jacket anyway and wore it with the great tweed pants from Zona Cero.

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I'm No Novice

posted by Gidge Uriza

Sascha Frangilli of Sascha’s designs is by far one of my favorite evening and cocktail gown creators. She’s never afraid to embrace embellishment on a grand scale and her NOVICE gown is no exception.  Wearing a mink stole in keeping with the fall color of this one, I’m feeling gorgeous in this exceptional cocktail dress. Continue reading

All About Me – Items With My Name!

posted by Gidge Uriza

I started this project last year, slowly collecting items with MY name in them. I don’t have beautiful braided hair named after me (grins at Cajsa) but I have managed over the past year to collect some things with both my nickname and my proper name in them which tickles me to no end.

For Clarification – I’m Bridgette. I’m also GIDGE which is not only my SL Avatar’s name, it’s the nickname I answer to in RL. In most instances it’s how I distinguish between friends and acquaintances.

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What Happens on The Grid Stays On The Grid

posted by Gidge Uriza

Cocktail gowns are requisite for all fashionistas and a great place for pick-ups is Wetherby’s. At Wetherby’s she runs great freebies as well as always offering super prices on shoes that coordinate with her dresses. SWEET! Continue reading

Denim Days

It’s Friday – and I am feeling casual and denim suits my mood, so luckily there’s this lovely little jumper from Kunglers in a soft denim. With grey denim trim at the waist, this is a nice casual day dress that goes anywhere. Suiting all weather, too, as you can easily slip a turtleneck sweater underneath.

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It's E! For Excellent

This photo is from one of my favorite places in Portland, the wonderful Chinese Garden in Old Town. It’s only a city block, but it takes you out of the city. It reminds me of a sim in its discrete containment of such rich beauty in the heart of one of Portland’s grittier neighborhoods. For my visit, I wore some fab items from E! – the exclamation point is theirs but they deserve it.

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