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Where's the Party?

With this lovely new dress from MiaMai’s new collection, I am ready to party, but my social calendar is empty!!! Wah! When I have a dress this perfect for dancing and flirting and what have you, there’s got to be a place to wear it. Someplace with lights that will move around and cast flashes on the lovely sequin top.

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A 21st Century Tartan

Iota Ultsch of Tres Jolie sent out a lovely group gift for Valentine’s Day – this red tartan dress. I wore this dancing yesterday and it  was a lovely dress for dancing – the sculptie skirt being full enough that it never got wonky.It’s a see to believe kind of dress with a semi-sheer almost glassine texture that is a very contemporary almost industrial plaid. She also makes it in other colors on sale in her store. I love the way she creates textures from unusual sources. For example, her city grid dress texture is made from a photo of tire tracks on a sidewalk.

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Happy Valentine's Day

I am not feeling full of the hearts and flowers sentimentality of Valentine’s Day this year, but I do recognize that it always inspires a lot of fun and creative designs and most importantly, an excuse to party. I have not been feeling too well this week so I  have not stayed online long enough to do anything more than shoot some pictures. So no partying for me, but if I had been in the mood for a party last night, I would definitely have worn this dress.

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And now for something completely different

I ushered the marvelous runway show of Eshi Otawara’s new collection on Saturday – an extraordinarily simple task richly rewarded with one of her smokey tux gowns that I wore as I greeted people. After the show, I went to her shop and dithered forever trying to decide what to purchase because I wanted so many. One purchase that I did not dither over was the fantastical Green Blossoms, the outfit I am wearing here…and yes, it is completely different.

Dress Me Up: Cajsa by TearSong

TearSong Vaughan suggested I raid Rebel Xtravaganza and it must have been fate, because no sooner did I go to Rebel Xtravaganza than I noticed a lucky chair hiding under the stairs. I have been there a dozen times and this is the first time I noticed that lucky chair and even better, the lucky letter was C. Even better the prize included the exact two items TearSong asked for in her brief.

May I suggest the mellow skirt and winterproof sweater from Rebel Xtravaganza? 🙂 You can pick which color 😉 Maybe combined with a pair of funky leggings and large boots.

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Armoire Diversity Challenge from Analu

I am still working away at the Dress Me Up challenge but this is my attempt to see if I can walk and chew gum at the same time – or in other words, try to tackle a second challenge while still working on a first. So, dressing like a man?  Well, I was looking for Ztique for a completely unrelated reason and happened to spy one of the many ubiquitous Rfyre outlets on this sim where Ztique most decidely was not located. Bad Search!!!

I know Rfyre has some lovely clothes for men….so I made like a bee and buzzed over.

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Dress Me Up: Cajsa by Candy

So Candy Flanagan suggested pink and more specifically, she wrote, “Try raiding Honey Kitty or Momo for a super girly look, completed by hair from Gritty Kitty and accessories from Violet Voltaire.” I hope I meet her brief with this girly-girl pink outfit pulled together from Momo.

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Dress Me Up: Cajsa by Achariya

My directions from Achariya were quite generous in allowing me to choose what I wanted. She wrote:

For you, I think I’d want to see you in cute yet classic style from Japanese designers. How about a coat and pants and hair from DP**yumyum? (There are some pants on sale in the sale room, really cute capris). Boots from J’s, and other accessories from Swallowtail? ♥ Thank you for letting me play with you!

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