Beneath the tree that died

I shot these photos at AM Radio’s Beneath the Tree That Died art installation that had been at the University of KY sim but is now at Welsh Lakes up in the sky between his other builds.  The rail fence is not part of the build. It’s Luth Brodie’s pose rail. I really wanted to shoot this outfit with a western feeling, bringing the Naive boho skirt back to its country roots.  I must say I spent more time on getting the Style Notes together on this post than is healthy – and ended up having a mini shopping spree while doing so as the shirt and vest in the picture because a mystery requiring all my best detecting skills.

I remember buying this shirt and vest – I was shopping at Albero the end of January and saw it and another cream shirt with a brown vest and snapped them both up because I loved the frilly ruffles at the neck and at the bottom. When I put on the Boho skirt from Naive, I knew this was the top I wanted to use. But when writing the style notes, the clothes and folder had no store name or landmark.

Teslas Kensington Boots

Tesla's Kensington Boots are a dressy finish

No problem – I thought – and went to properties to find the creator, but amazingly, he did not have his store in his picks. He had some malls and so I popped over to those malls thinking he might have a store there, but no such luck. I checked properties again and found the acquired date and saw that I had bought it on January 31 and it named the region so I tp’ed to the region, but the stores were gone and the land was for sale. So I began wandering Albero, certain I had bought it there…and of course, found lovely things that you will be seeing soon, but Albero is huge and I got lost. I was ready to give up, but gave the profile one more shot and checked more tabs and found the creators website which is in Japanese, but with just enough English that I could find a TP to the store where the sign said Yorim’s Factory.  I loved the shirt, but if you are serious enough to have stores and a web site, please include your stores in your Picks at the very least and please, please include the name of your store somewhere – anywhere – with your items. More importantly, put at least one of your stores in your picks.

The skin is from Analu – her In Rainbows skins and has the sort of light touch appropriate for the country. The hat is actually men’s hair – called Keith, I assume after Keith Urban.

Photography by Cajsa Lilliehook <a href=”″>MDR Photo Studio</a>
for <a href=””>It’s Only Fashion</a>
****STYLE NOTES******
Promotional Copies are denoted by a Bold R
Poses: Reel Expression Railing Pose Set
Skin: Analu in rainbows Nat 14 in black R
Eyes: Poetic Color Night Forest
Lashes: CyberNetic
Hair: Celestial Studios Moderno: Keith hair
Top/Vest: Yorim’s FActory Chiffon Frilly Blouse and Vest
Skirt: Naive Boho Skirt Black
Shoes: Tesla Kensington Boots
Jewelry:  Kraftika Earrings No 121 & Bracelet 304
+plus Amy Necklace
BW Bracciali 4 by Charles Fauna

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