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Something Supernatural

Helena Stringer - IOF - Supernatural - The Gang
One night on plurk I saw a post asking if anyone would like to do some crossdressing Supernatural cosplay, and I said sure why not. That is how I became Rufus, a wily grump haunted by his own horrid hunter’s past.

I choose this shot out of many simply because it was a different view than what some of the others took.

Helena Stringer - IOF - Supernatural - Rufus


Sileny Noel as Dean Winchester
Gwin LeShelle as Sam Winchester
Arora Zanzibar(Not Shown) as Bobby Singer
Alice Demonia as Castiel

Please take the time to view everyone’s looks, they all did such a great job.

Helena Stringer as Rufus Turner

Hair – The Stringer Mausoleum – Ramira in Natural Black/Brown
Skin – Dulce Secrets – Esma in Brandy Tone/Bare Makeup
Tinter – Even-Tide – Skin Tint Medium
Eyes – Ibanez – Exotic Eyes in Obsidian
Lashes – Maitreya – Mesh Lashes
Tank Top – DCNY – Basic Tank in Fern
Plaid Longsleeve – Wolf&I – Maggie Mae Flannel in Earth
Pants – R.icielli – Anna Mesh Jeans in  #06
Boots – J’s – Engineer Long Boots in Black
Necklace – Kunglers – Silver Necklace #18
Bracelet – Eli Rae’s Tinkering – Black/Tan Bracelet
Shotgun/Built-in Pose – SciLab – Wooden Pump Shotgun

Location – Grave Designs Sim

I Fail at Coming Up with Blog Titles! :P

Hiiiiiii! 🙂 SO! I am just going to jump right in to this outfit!! I have never tried a red color hair on me.. And I kinda like it with this skin!! I know I talked about it in the last post.. But Pink Fuel’s skin is kinda sorta amazing!! I love it!! I am also digging the mesh hair from Wasabi Pills!! I walk in and I honestly want to buy ALL THE HAIRS!!! lol buuuutt.. Enough of me blabbin on and on!! Check out my look of the day!! I hope you like <333333

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Stranger in Tableau

A few days ago I was such in a shopping mood (it never happens….erm…..sure!) that I created a totally new look which i’m so in love with. And today, me, stranger in Tableau, took some snaps I hope you’ll appreciate.

Stranger in Tableau

Happy is a new to me brand that I casually discovered lately and, well, when I saw this awesome tunic I knew it would have been mine. I chose the cream tone and I’m really Happy (:P) with it!

Do you like my new bag?

What to wear with the tunic? Stretchy skinny jeans would be a good choice, along with leggings like the cute ones from Tee*fy I’m wearing in the pic.
Then I thought I needed a bag that could go well with the outfit and Izumiya came to my mind. And I was right, I found this cool bag which can be worn on shoulder or on hand and that is scripted to change textures in 12 different colors. Oh, I so like it!

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KelKels Bloom <3333333

 Okkkkiii.. FINNNEE!! Lol I so caved and got into the Bloom thing!! hahaha They are too adorable not to!! Sand Shack Surf Co. really did an amazing job at these.. Totally took the Meeroos out of talk for a few days! lololol Just kidding!! But really.. so adorable.. Check me out as a Bloom!! 😀 <3

 For my location picture I went to *Agharta* to take it… suuucchhh a pretty sim!!! If I had to choose my fav thing about my bloom.. It would be how AWESOME !lamb. hair looks on it!! See!!

I hope you All have a wonderful dayyyy!!! <33333333

Bloom Doll *Ume Bloom*- (skin, shape, & head) – Sand Shack Surf Co.
Hair – !lamb. – Oh Sugar
Pants – [ATOMIC] – Skinny Jeans
Shirt – {paper.doll} – SimpleTank
Vest – Izzie’s – Draped Vest
Shoes – J’s – WesternBoots
Belt – .:Hermony:. – LuckyDeath-Belt
Necklace –  [W&B] – Repairs Necklace

Location – *Agharta*

I think Ill go for a walk outside now.. The summer suns calling my name!

“I hear you now!
I just can’t stay inside all day.. I gotta get out.. Get me some of those raaaaays!
Everybodys smiling…. Sunshine day!!!
Everybodys laughing.. Sunshine day!!!
Everybody seems so happy today.. Its a sunshine day!!!” 

Hehehe I know its not summer.. but it feels like it in Texas!! but! Gooooooooooooooooooood Morning!!! 🙂 I hope you all made it through Monday with no problems!! So.. My look for today is a casual one.. very simple.. but I kinda really love it.. and being that is Spring.. I found this very beautiful sim called Komorebi and it was just so pretty I had to take my pic there!! Check it ouuutt!! <3

The new >TRUTH< hair Kaelyn that came out last week.. LOVE!! And Continue reading

The Moon is Not Made of Green Cheese


No, the moon is not made out of green cheese, but if you go to Shadow Moon, the sky is. Well, green something anyway! I was wearing this audaciously fun outfit from The Black Canary and decided to check out Shadow Moon – the name of the place sounded so evocative of mystery and danger and illicit rendezvous in the darkness of the shadow of the moon.


Hah! Not so much. Still the bright whimsy of this cartoon goth world delighted my sense of humor. I could not resist.


As you can see, the Lament outfit from The Black Canary is perfect for a night in any goth world – be it in Toon Town or some more sinister realm.  The cape is amazing, so are the collar and cuffs on the shirt and the amazing silver findings that detail the jacket. It’s a beautifully elegant suit that was a delight to wear.
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IFW10 – Lusts of the Flesh

In addition to getting a concentrated does of high fashion and raising funds for charity, events like International Fashion Week also introduce us to new creators – perhaps not new to the grid, but new to us. This IFW10 I discovered more than one new-to-me designer, but only one was also a new-to-me word – Convoitise. So I had to look it up and while it can mean covet or desire, I had to go with the last one for the blog title in light of the micro-mini but macro-sexy dress from Convoitise.

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Do Androids Dream of Electric Shopping Carts?

I dreamed I went to Shopping Cart Heaven and woke up in Utopia03 – another of the five World Expo islands. This island is an art installation by Bryn Oh and is called no colour. Similar to the other installations in the series – that name is at once extremely fitting and extremely ironic. The android dreams of the shopping carts are of metamorphosis into the natural and so – with time shifts – the sim comes alive with lysergic-laced dreams of color as the shopping carts morph into fantastical plants and trees.  Alas, their dreams are short and they wake up again to their colorless existence. However, I think there is more beauty in their natural state of detritic decay than in their exuberantly colorful fantasies.

The sim’s monotonal color scheme is a perfect setting for the limited tones in the top and skirt I wore – and the tribal stamp print fabric is echoed in the terrain textures.  Both the top and skirt are from Lelutka – though not produced as a set. The construction of the top is amazing. For example, the main bodice color is achieved by layering the printed texture sculpt with a sheer blue sculpt over it – giving the color depth and luster that is only achieved through the interplay of two separate textures. The details such as the skirt belt and rivets are also extremely well made and add stunning elements of design and precision.

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