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Thinking About Fannie Lou Hamer


I am wearing green on Election Day – with the fabulous new skirt from Baiastice. The Flokey skirt has a high waist and a shine that you can see your face in. Does this have much to do with the election? I guess I have the privilege of wearing luscious clothing to vote because women who came before me have won the right for me to vote. 

Today is Election Day in the United States. Election Day, for me, is a day to honor one of my heroes, Fannie Lou Hamer. She was the granddaughter of a slave, born to a sharecropping family in Mississippi. She worked the fields starting when she was six, dropped out of school when she twelve to work more hours and married a sharecropper. She was one of many black women sterilized without her knowledge or consent as part of Mississippi’s plan to reduce the black population. Although she did not have much formal education, she was concerned about her rights and attended civil rights meetings in the 50s.

In 1962, when she was 45 years old, she took the bus with 17 others into the county courthouse in Indianola, Mississippi, to register to vote. This was an action of singular courage because nowhere was segregation more steeped in violence and terrorism than Mississippi. On her way home, her bus was stopped and she and the others were arrested. The land owner came to her home and said they would be evicted if she tried to vote. She left the next day, seeking refuge with friends. Ten days later, the Klan visited the home where she was staying and fired on it.

She began volunteering for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) and the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC). In 1963, she was again arrested and beaten so badly that it took over a month for her to recover. Explaining how she could face such dangers, she said, “I guess if I’d had any sense, I’d have been a little scared – but what was the point of being scared? The only thing they could do was kill me, and it kinda seemed like they’d been trying to do that a little bit at a time since I could remember.”

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Three dishcloths to choose from and which way should I go? Decisions, decisions. It was much easier deciding what to wear as this cute little outfit from Malt came with the skirt and jacket together. And that jacket!!! I love, love, love it and we probably haul it out again to wear with some nice black slacks when the weather gets a bit colder.
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Getting out of the studio


Having spent the past week watching runway shows and snapping pics mainly in my Glow Box, it was fun to get out of the studio and snap pics in-world again. You will be seeing them soon, these were shot on the 4th before Modavia Fashion Week and busy, busy, busy days. I love the casual outfit and the gorgeous top from Malt and have been eager to share it with you.

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Modavia Fashion Week 2011.18


The final day of Modavia Fashion Week opened with the Dutch design house CIA from Ayla Strading in a joint presentation with Joy Laperriere of SHI. I am new to CIA and am thrilled with the introduction. I love the bright, saturated colors and definitely plan to pick up at least that black top with the floral embroidery.
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A Baiastice Cocktail

This little cocktail dress is not Baiastice Neat, but a lovely little Baiastice Cocktail mixing one part Baiastice with one part Malt. The skirt is Baiastice’s lovely taffetta stripe skirt and the top is from Malt’s Florentia dress – and add-on frill that some perfectly complements the skirt that it looks like they were made to be together – a perfect martini of an outfit, stirred not shaken. I prefer gin and you stir gin martinis and shake vodka martinis, unless you’re just copying James Bond without knowing why he wants his shaken. Bond’s a vodka martini man, the poser!

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Blogger Appreciation Week

Yesterday was the culmination of Blogger Appreciation Week, a fun PressieFest for bloggers that may have long term positive benefits for bloggers, creators and readers in that serious and productive discussions in the fashion bloggers group, on Shopping Cart Disco and in plurk looked at ways that creators and bloggers can interact with less anxiety, blogging tips were shared and bloggers discovered many new to them shops that may soon find their way into their blogs. There was a dress code for the party that was strictly enforced and as you can see, it was white tee shirts, jeans, no socks and no jewelry.  Also, as you can see, when agent provacateur Tenshi Vielle showed up everyone started chasing her.

Hanging out in between the afternoon and the late afternoon and evening parties, I tossed on a jacket and shoes so I was basically dressed for the party as I thought it would be fun to meet many of the bloggers I have been reading for the year and a half. I added my trusty Maitreya Desert boots, though just the bottoms, leaving the ankle pieces off. I also added this fabulous Blogger Appreciation gift from MALT – the SE Antique Gold Jacket. If SE means Special Edition, it’s possible it will only be available in other colors, but even so, it’s a stunner with fabulously well made prims. There are several size options in the folder and they have resizer script options as well.

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