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Holy Primflap, Batman!

We all know the drill. You put on your system clothes and then attach your primflap or crotch prim and begin to adjust and adjust and adjust. You want those textures to line up. You want the top of the prim not to stick out like a tiny shelf suspended off your pelvis. You hope the prim and the system pieces are the same shade. That the front and the back melt into the system pieces flawlessly. But they don’t, do they?

Well, don’t ask me how she did it, but Annyka Bekkers has mastered the primflap as you can see in this slipdress – Felice, from blowpop.  It’s not impossible to spot the prim, but it’s damn difficult.  I have never seen this difficult and aggravating piece of clothing done so well. It’s really an amazing job…and the prim flap is even harder to see on the lighter shades of clothing.

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The Fastest Compliment Ever

Okay, so I was checking out some demos from DrLife and Rockberry and generally futzing around when I got an IM reminding me that Achariya was going to me on Fabulous Fashion TV and so I dropped what I was doing and just before TP’ing I realized I had on DEMO skin. Now, unnoticed, Ryker Beck had sent out two Blogger packs of her two new skin releases under the new brand Exodi (previously Genesis) and they were sitting there innocently waiting in the folder right above the demo packs, so I  quickly popped it open and wore the first skin I clicked on and tp’ed away. No sooner did I get there than I received an IM – “love your skin!!! can you tell me where you got it.”  Well, I knew it was Exodi, but I had not even looked at what I looked like yet. I just had perfect confidence that if Ryker made it, it was fab. And well, judge for yourself.

This is what else I was wearing… The flower wash jeans from Callie Cline on sale right now for 50L. I have been planning to hop over there and pick them up, but the sale lit a fire and I went there first thing where I ran into Callie so I grabbed her for my Double Take project.

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