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Dotty is as dotty does

I have mentioned my love of polka dots before. I don’t know why, but they make me smile. No insult intended to squares and triangles and rhombi, but they just don’t press my happy button the way these lovely little round circles do. Polka dots often make me think retro and rockabilly. They make me think of Rizzo and Jive-Talkin’ and dancing the night away.  Certainly this fun little set of separates from A-Bomb would have made Rizzo happy any day of the week.

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I <3 Pixel Dolls

Pixel Dolls has been running a 50L sale for weeks now – discounting dresses one type of clothing one week and another the next.  Since I have always thought their regular prices were a good deal for their quality and thoughtful construction – this 50L sale is more exciting for me than the freebie hunts. You see, Pixel Dolls creates wonderful textures and rich, deep and vibrant colors and makes them on every layer. Their clothing is versatile and wonderful for mash-ups.

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Mash-Up Fun

I love the Undine Cami from Pixel Dolls though it does present some challenges to mixing and matching as the long trailing bows on the side are on the jacket layer which goes under system skirts. How sillly is that? Jackets should always been on the outside…but that just means finding a non-system skirt with prims that don’t extend too far to the sides. Sure, I could wear the cami with any pair of pants, but I wanted a skirt.  Before going and trying every skirt in my inventory, I remembered Cachet’s Cleo – a dress that had a very restrained and tailored skirt..and sure enough, it was exactly what I needed.

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More Ghost Hunting

Ooh, I am a terrible ghost hunter. I get stuck and hunt and hunt and hunt and cannot see what is in front of my nose. And I have a special “I’ll get you my pretty” for a few who shall remain nameless so as not to give too broad a hint. My the time I found the ghost with the run-around-and-hide-from-me script I was searching for a bang-my-head-against-the-wall gesture. By the time I found the tinted ghost, I was getting a little green around the gills myself. I imagine these folks tiptoeing around their stores giggling and cackling with glee as they placed the ghosts. Continue reading

Lacy Lace

RunoRuno’s white lace dress is extraordinarily flexible, coming in 2 lengths. Because the prim skirt is actually 3 prims, it stays looking good even while dancing – which sure worked for me when I danced away the Sunday afternoon in this dress. I also go a lot of compliments on the dress and can tell you that guys like it.

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Sweetness and Light

In contrast to the vamps and witches of Halloween, this outfit has a sweetly naive sensibility. The central element is Muism’s open silk shirt with its impeccable prim collar and cuffs. In a soft, pastel pink print, it matches well with the softly draping broom skirt.

Incidentally, this background is one of the free backgrounds in the thank you gift from Gidge and me for sending us over 700 visits in a day.  You can get the 10 free backgrounds by clicking  the It’s Only Fashion sign in the MDR portfolio room.

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One Dress = Six Looks

Baiastice is not the most expensive clothing store in Second Life® but it is costly enough that I do think about an outfit’s flexibility when I buy it. Can it be worn more than one way? If so, then I can mentally cut the cost in half, thirds or in this case, sixths. This one outfit, tossed about with other items in my inventory easily makes six different looks…and if I had more time, I probably could have done a few more.  Here you see it as it is, out of the box from Baiastice Continue reading

In the morning light…

AM Radio made some major changes at Tusk. It’s now underwater, but still beautiful and evocative. Here I am inside the little building on the pier looking out at the water and enjoying the warm sun streaming in the window. It looks like  it will be a lovely day. I hope so because I forgot to bring a jacket.

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Harmony and Understanding

Harmony and understanding are easy to find when you go to The Refuge and Expansion. I was lucky enough to go their the other day and catch a live concert at the farm house by a marvelous classical guitarist. And lucky enough to be wearing yet another Hair Fair treasure – this time from Damselfly.

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You Twinkle Above Us

Another great find from the Hair Fair was this extravagantly rich Wild Orchid updo from Exile complete with assorted differently colored wild orchids in the packl. It’s the perfect hair for when you really want to dress up and wear something as rich and exciting as this dress.

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