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I know Gidge blogged this lovely combination for Etheria just the other day, but I did choose a different color – going for Copper all the way. The dress is Fae from Lark and the coordinating jewelry from Dark Mouse is also called Fae.

The fun thing is that Faery Sola who knows a thing or two about fae, just sent me some new poses from her Studio Sidhe and I just had to shoot it all together. By the way, if you’re like me and don’t know much about faery realms beyond what’s in the Harry  Dresden books, I asked how to pronounce Sidhe and will let you all now that it’s pronounced like she which strikes me as really cool for some reason.

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Sepia Dreams

Sometimes an outfit just is so infused with vintage romantic motifs that I can’t resist using the sepia Windlight settings and hitting the Sepia filter in PhotoShop just for an indulgence in sentiment. That’s what happened when I wore this lingerie from Casa del Shai that came complete with a feather fan. Seriously, it was the fan!

I wore the lingerie with the gorgeous new dress from Baiastice named Diva in Satin. It has such a 20’s Art Deco feeling with the gorgeous print that the Tamara lingerie from Casa del Shai just seemed in keeping with the look. The bodice of the bra shows just a bit at the cleavage and could, to some people, seem a bit inappropriate, but I like the added definition and diminsion.

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Heidi Is Wrong

I know I have been a lazy  blogger this week. I’ve been sick and logged in yesterday for the first time since last Tuesday. I snapped a few pics of this outfit I put on Monday night and shopped a bit and that’s about it.  I wish I felt as good as this outfit looks. I am combining some pieces from Ingenue and StoRin two stores with very complementary aesthetics and design interests. Both Betty Doyle of Ingenue and Annah Whitfield of Storin have a strong dedication to producing classics that will stay in fashion for a lifetime. You see, Heidi is wrong when she says “one day you are in and the next day you are out” because if you’re a classic, you may not be “in” but you are never “out.”

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Quick Look: Boudoir

Boudoir is a new-to-me store that features the work of a RL designer bringing her work into SL. Vitabela Dubrovna, as she is called in SL,  has some of her RL designs on display for you to see. The SL designs are not identical, but reflect similar design aesthetics. However, while visiting her store I bumped into her and saw that she is going beyond the possibilities of RL clothing by adding a rose petal emitter to a rose-petal festooned gown.  The dress shown here, though, is as comfortable in either world. A lovely pewtery gray dress with a beautifully ruffled skirt, Boutique’s Ruffles dress would be a delight for dancing or parties.

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Cajsa Unplugged

I love music of nearly every genre and in particular, I love the sound of the guitar. From the prestidigitation of Flamenco guitarists like Montoya or the precision of classical guitarists like Parkening, from the wild ride of Link Wray to the artistry of Hendrix, I love the sound of a guitar. And so, when my friend Abraxxa Anatine of EarthStones produced these amazing earrings, they were beyond irresistible. And seriously, you have to see them to believe them. The pegheads, the fretboard, the individual pieces of the guitar – are individual precisely, delicately flawlessly crafted nanoprims. The detail is amazing and there’s a closer pic after the cut – though even that won’t do it justice.

I DJ’ed at Vicious on Friday night – a set that was not even one bit acoustic – a mix of reggaeton, electronica, hip hop and funk. I wanted a great clubbing dress and this 70ties dress from Redgrave fit the bill for a great night of dancing.

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Feeding Frenzy

If the words Second Life and fashion have skittered within five miles of your brain, you know that Paper Couture has released their 2009 Spring Collection. Now, I would like to have that cool, detached above-it-all sangfroid that would allow these fashion events to pass by whilst I wait until the lagnormous crowds of shoppers have passed through, waiting calmly for the storm to pass so I can shop and blog in easy relaxation. However,  the ista in fashionista demands a bit of sheer insanity which is what last night’s shopping frenzy was. Standing at a bloggers convention in Paper Couture, all of us paused, waiting for the clothes to rez. It’s such a delicious bit of silliness and still fun and exciting…and so worth it when the collection is a stunning as this on. I have not looked at everything yet, but of what I have seen, this is the best collection of theirs to date.  And this dress, the  Beaded Wildflowers just takes my breath away with its detail and quality.

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Stealing Tops

It was a sad, sad day when I realized I accidentally deleted by Pink/Peach tops folder. Yes, in a frenzy of inventory cleaning I deleted a folder instead of an item in it – and then emptied the trash. Now, I would have minded less if it had been my gestures folder since I never use them, but sadly, it was my tops folder with all my pink and peach blouses. Dang! Don’t clean inventory when held together by TheraFlu.  Thank goodness I can cannibalize dresses and use dress bodices for tops which is what I did here.

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At Last

The snow leopard coat from Endeavor seems to have been made for the new At Last dress from A-Bomb. Even the attachment points are different so the coat does not knock off the fur trim on the dress.

At last, my love has come along
My lonely days are over
And life is like a song

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I stopped at Bliss Couture last weekend and found this gorgeous gown that I have been too busy to have occasion to wear this week. This week has been one of those too-busy-to-breathe weeks and has left me no time for dancing. Oh well, there’s always the weekend and now I am ready.

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