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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

They just wanna, they just wanna, girls just wanna have fun.  This new dress from SD Wears is called Make Me Smile. Released in several colors, I am wearing the 80’s print version of the dress – an explosion of color and fun. With it, I wore the new skin Mei Li from Adam n Eve and just had to lead with the close up. I just had to lead with the closeup this time because I thought the face was just too cute for you to miss if you don’t click through. Mei Li is an Asian skin which you can see from the skin tone – the face, though, adapts well to my shape and I really liked the effect with the short bob from eha.

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I'm Not Changing My Spots

I put together a fun little outfit for Sunday’s set at the Velvet. Maht played a retrospective of the music of Alex Chilton, including his solo work, music from Big Star and other bands plus covers of some of his songs. It was a great set and we all had a lovely afternoon listening to the great music of a musician whose musical influence spread much further than his name. Continue reading

Dancing in Real Life

posted by Gidge Uriza

By the time you are reading this, I will be swirling around the dance floor in the arms of my beloved Silo – this time NOT in his robot gear. It’s hard to believe, for many who know him, that Silo Uriza is not a little robot all the time but I promise you, he turns into a person when it suits him.

Since Real Life Gidge will be wearing a gown, I thought that SL Gidge should have on a gown as well. This lovely piece, called Tuti Fruiti, from SD was something fun and new to show you, while I continue to point out that I am out on a date with my husband in Real Life. Continue reading

The Surrealist Dance Hall

When you go to a place called the Surrealist Dance Hall, you need to expect oddities. And that there were including a shadow that followed me everywhere, but looked like a man. I had originally gone there when everything was black and white and immediately decided to wear this black and white dress that reminds me of Joan Miró, but when I returned, the place was absolute vibrating with color.

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