One Dress = Six Looks

Baiastice is not the most expensive clothing store in Second Life® but it is costly enough that I do think about an outfit’s flexibility when I buy it. Can it be worn more than one way? If so, then I can mentally cut the cost in half, thirds or in this case, sixths. This one outfit, tossed about with other items in my inventory easily makes six different looks…and if I had more time, I probably could have done a few more.  Here you see it as it is, out of the box from Baiastice

Look Two: Dropping the skirt and adding this high-waisted mini from PixelDolls, the look is transformed from the softly feminine day dress to a party dress with a rocker edge.

The shoes are Aphrodite Creations Sasy Chic Marakesh.

Look Three: These pants from Katya Koolhaus get the outfit really rocking. Add some boots and it’s party time.

I just love the buttons down the side detail on these capris.The boots are Armidi’s Kyoto boots. The capris have teal cuffs that I found distracting, but that others might love – so I went for boots high enough to cover the cuffs, but you might want to go shorter and reveal the cuffs.

Look Four: Changing to a nice cami with the original skirt back on, I have a lovely casual look for shopping and running round the grid.

Look Five: Long sleeves and a belt make this slightly more dressy again, though still casual.

Look Six: This wonderful PixelDolls corset dresses it back up again.  The belts are from a marvelous fatpack from artilleri – with all the colors you could need in different sizes and doubled so you can choose whether to attach to the pelvis or the stomach. That’s the sort of accessory thoughtfulness that makes a person fall in love.

Leeza Stilettos from Pixel Mode worked well for looks Four, Five and Six.  I also used the gold and malachite jewelry from Chey’s in those looks.

Photography by Cajsa Lilliehook MDR Photo Studio

****STYLE NOTES******

  • Skin: Laqroki Julie Smoky 01
  • Eyes: IC-Eyes Soulful Hazel
  • Lashes: CyberNEtic
  • Nails: Body Politik
  • Hair: Laqroki Snowstorm
  • Option 1: Baiastice Ocean Gate red
  • Option 2: PixelDolls High Waist Button Skirt – Ocean
  • Option 3: Katya Koolhaas Cyan Winter Pants Set
  • Ooption 4: Celestial Studios Trixie Cami Rouge
  • Option 5: PixelDolls India Plain layered top Mauve
  • Option 6: PixelDolls Stephanie Corset Raspberry
  • Shoes 1: Tesla Vixen II Classic – Teal
  • Shoes 2: AC Sasy Chic  Marakesh Passion
  • Shoes 3: Armidi Kyoto Boot
  • Shoes 4,5,6: Pixel Mode Leeza Stiletto Blood
  • Jewelry: Hi-Flo The Pinks Gypsy Set
  • Jewelry 4, 5, 6: Chey’s Gold Malachite
  • Belt: Artilleri Snakeskin Belt Teal/Pink

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  1. Harper

    The woman definitely has that gift, as well as spotting things that I want to add to my own closet — though I desperately need to haul stuff out! Ah, well, I’m getting it boxed up gradually….

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