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StoRin & R.icielli

Annah Whitfield is one of my favorite pose makers. Her poses are great for showing off clothes and shooting pics for the blog as they have little or no distortion and are carefully calibrated to avoid breaks and intersections. They are investment poses because they will be used again and again and again. These poses are available right now at the StoRin booth at the  Pose Fair. Have you been there yet? No? Well, get moving!!!

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Hunting Gear

Gidge and I did the VIP Keys hunt last night finishing late enough that I have not even peeked at our gifts yet. However, it was a pleasant hunt and 50 seems just about the right number. It was the first hunt I have completed since the Halloween Ghost hunt. I found some new-to-me stores and spent more than I should have, so it seems to work the way it’s supposed to.  This is the outfit I wore while hunting – casual and comfy, but still stylish and fun.

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I like all sorts of art and many artists, but for some odd reason my favorites all have last names beginning with K: Klimpt, Klee and Kandinsky. Isn’t that odd? Of course, it’s not odd that someone who loves Klee also loves Kandinsky as they both taught at the Bauhaus, a relatively short-lived art school that had a tremendously positive influence on art and architecture and even product design. So…when I saw the Kandinsky dress from True La La, it was irresistible. It is made of a sleevless tank, prim skirt and socks – all with marvelous Kandinsky print on them. However, I thought that the three pieces of Kandinsky were too much and decided to take a different road for the skirt.

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Bold & Beautiful

While shooting the new Efe skin from PXL Creations, I decided to feature one of the bolder pair of pants in my inventory. From Stitch by Stitch, these Valeska pants come with a sweater as well, but I opted for a blouse and sweater vest instead. If you are feeling sad and weary, if the world’s troubles are getting you down, go to Stitch by Stitch. It’s such a happy store with bright vibrant colors and patterns that will lift even the mood of such a notorious grouch as Ebenezer Scrooge.

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Hearts & Flowers

Another day of cuteness with adorable embroidery from Meu! and Stitch by Stitch.  The top is from Meu! on Osaka sim. It’s the store called Meu! & Ska, a joint store with fun, playful shirts. I could not resist the lovely embroidery in this top. I decided to wear the Stitch by Stitch embroider shrug because I am not afraid of too much of a good thing. Adding a simple pencil skirt kept me from going over the top.

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Sweater Weather Approacheth!

posted by Gidge Uriza

Sweaters, ladies. Sweater weather is coming. Yes you heard me. Labor Day is coming in the US which means we’ll be packing up our whites and our linen, and pulling out sweaters, tweeds and wool. Which makes this a perfect time to show off what I recently picked up at Stitchy by Stitch.

I like to check out the occasional art gallery and I’ve heard about Quadrapop Tree forever and never made it over. While I missed the grand opening of their sim, I managed to eek out some exploring time one afternoon recently and this little ensemble made the cut for the day.  Slinking around the mysterious modern landscape and taking in the wonderful pieces, this was a nice casual choice for such a nice open sim. Continue reading

When the Moon is in the Seventh House

I had one priority during last night’s pajama party/sneak peek at the Hair Expo. Come what may, I was going to find the incredible Kaori hair from Exile and snatch it up. And I did and thanks to that, you see it here in all its wild disarray. I am in love. 

So, the Hair Expo? Laggy of course, but hey, swimming and shopping at the same time must do wonders of aerobic goodness for your pixel heart. Overwhelming – so much hair and only one head. But we all know what it really is. It’s the Fashionista’s Big Rock Candy Mountain!

But that’s not all today, Stiletto Moody has new shoes though she’s only teasing up by letting us see them. They don’t go on sale until 6PM tonight. Still, a girls gotta look. Continue reading

Fleur Perfection

Creamy Cooljoke just wrote about this lovely group gift from Le Petite Fleur yesterday and I had to have it – in part because I used to this dress in RL or one substantially similar. Seeing it made me nostalgic and I rushed to get the dress which took all of two seconds since it was a group gift. It was chilly last night, though, so I added a shrug from Stitch by Stitch to cover the bare shoulders and stay a bit warmer. Continue reading

Cajsa Said SWEATER…..

posted by Gidge Uriza

and then I’m in a sweater mood.  Even in summer a cool cotton sweater can be just the thing at night and I was just strolling around knicknack shopping the other night when I wandered into Stitch by Stitch. Featuring sweaters, some shoes (I’ll show you some on a later post), peasant skirts, and a few other pieces, Stitch by Stitch was a breath of fresh air – especially in their sweater selection.

I wasn’t ready to  completely commit to fall though, and ran over to Digit Darkes to pick up a leather skirt to wear with it……and realized once I had it all together I only own stockings, all of which hit under the skirt for a “I am an SL hooker” sort of look. Don’t get me wrong, I looooove stockings. But sometimes they just don’t look right with a skirt or dress. So I went on a hunt for PANTYHOSE. Continue reading

Fresh-Baked Geisha

My favorite stores for clothes shopping are those small, idiosyncratic boutiques that offer maybe 20 items instead of 200, whose clothing is not designed to mix and match, but follows the creative whims of the designer. That’s where you find some of the more fun and unique clothing and accessories – such as most of the items in this outfit. The dress come from Stitch by Stitch on the new moosh sim. It’s a delightful store created with love and if you care to take up sewing your own, they have an adorable sewing machine, too. Like many of the really fun boutiques, they offer around 20 items, not 200, but each one is unique. Fresh Baked Goods, where the mah jongg bracelets came from is equally delightful – a pastel confection and though it offers only a few items, they are wonderful. These fabulous bracelets have a touch script to change colors. Full disclosure: my bracelets were a gift from the owner – a thank you for my mention of her other fabulous bracelets in another post. Twinkleberry – the source for the necklace and earrings – falls into that small boutique group as well – and like them, has unique designs. 

That’s not to say I don’t have a big space in my heart for the high-end department stores and other major designers. When I need to fill a hole in my closet – when i know what I am looking for, that’s where I go. But for whimsy, there’s nothing like a small boutique

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