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I've Got a Little List

However, unlike the Executioner, this is not a list of those who won’t be missed. In fact, it’s a list of stores some fellow plurkers thought have been missed. So…. list in hand I went off shopping and found some real treasures – and believe me, I will go back to those stores in the future. I used some items from that shopping trip to pull together this fun outfit including the truly magnificent plaid pants, or should I say pantz, from Nomine. I added an old blouse from Street Magic and a waistcoat that was sent to me by Ayumi back in May but that I didn’t even notice until last night – a sad reflection on the state of my inventory.

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Bold & Beautiful

While shooting the new Efe skin from PXL Creations, I decided to feature one of the bolder pair of pants in my inventory. From Stitch by Stitch, these Valeska pants come with a sweater as well, but I opted for a blouse and sweater vest instead. If you are feeling sad and weary, if the world’s troubles are getting you down, go to Stitch by Stitch. It’s such a happy store with bright vibrant colors and patterns that will lift even the mood of such a notorious grouch as Ebenezer Scrooge.

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Too Pretty for Mourning

This lovely black gown with the gorgeous fur neckline and the lovely tulle drapped gloves was sent from the soon to open Phoenix Rising. I fell in love with the exquisitely rumpled full skirt and the beautifully constructed fur collar. As soon as I tried a necklace, though, the collar dropped off as it was attached to the chest instead of the spine.  So I decided to copy the collar and attach the copy to the spine to free up the chest for a necklace and thought I might show you my method which is pretty easy and foolproof.

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Cute Alert

Okay, sometimes clothes are just too darn cute. You put them on and say “Aww!” and then you run around upping the cuteness quotient by choosing a cute hair style and cute shoes and cute makeup. Of course, if you mention Schroedinger’s Cat people might not think you know what you are talking about, but smart people will know better. One of the things I really like about today’s television shows is the prevalence of cute and smart people – like Abby on NCIS and Charlie Eppes and Amita Ramanujan in Numbers. I just love seeing smart people who are cute. Now, what does this have to do with the Aqua Plaid dress from Dani’s Fine Fashions. Well, it’s cute. It’s really cute. It’s not black, so Abby would not wear it….but it’s a great bargain, so it’s a smart purchase. Which would make you both cute AND smart.

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From Hong Kong with Love

My friend Miffy (Miffyhoi Rosca) has been making clothes a little over a year now. I have spent hours sitting on her Electro-Kitty pig watching while she concocts one of those outrageous belts with filled with different kinds of candy or cigarettes or looped together a prim skirt and admired her sure and confident whipping of prims into shape. Her style is youthful and fun and just keeps getting better. Once or twice a week she drops her newest and latest on me to check out. Lately, though, her style is branching out into more colors and I am finding it much more appealing for me personally. Take this lovely red dress.

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Dress Me Up: Cajsa by TearSong

TearSong Vaughan suggested I raid Rebel Xtravaganza and it must have been fate, because no sooner did I go to Rebel Xtravaganza than I noticed a lucky chair hiding under the stairs. I have been there a dozen times and this is the first time I noticed that lucky chair and even better, the lucky letter was C. Even better the prize included the exact two items TearSong asked for in her brief.

May I suggest the mellow skirt and winterproof sweater from Rebel Xtravaganza? 🙂 You can pick which color 😉 Maybe combined with a pair of funky leggings and large boots.

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Magic Time

Shirt, Pants and Vest all from Street Magic

Don’t lose the wonder in your eyes
I can see it right now when you smile
Let me go back, for a while
Let me go back, for a while
To that magic time

You can call it nostalgia, I don’t mind
Standing on that windswept hillside
Listenin’ to the church bells chime
Listen to the church bells chime
In that magic time

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Fashion in Exile

Perhaps if Napoleon could have worn this hat at St. Helens Elba, maybe he would have stayed and that whole Hundred Days and Waterloo could have been avoided. Okay, probably not, but it’s a thought. Okay, so the thing is, when I saw this hat on the feed yesterday I logged in to grab that hat before I was distracted and fotgot, but if I am completely honest, I would not have forgotten. It’s just that cool – and it has a touch texture change script to give me lots of options.

The other fashion excitement yesterday was the new store Street Magic that opened with great fanfare and a party that I completely forgot about until it was over. Street Magic is a store with 4 designers making clothes, shoes, jewelry and poses – all with the last name Magic – alts created for the purpose of doing the store together – and a smart way to keep their inventory manageable and to allow themselves real free time as their original avatars when they aren’t working. That gorgeous blouse I am wearing is from Street Magic – sent in a review pack with items from all the creators. This picture shows how well the textures are done – wrinkles, shadows and highlights all combining to make it fabuluscious – a neologism just for Street Magic.

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