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Four Days In a F&CKING Flip Flop Dress

When I opened this dress from She’s So Unusual at the beginning of the week, my first thought was “What a hoot. I’m totally blogging this dress.” I had visions of a beach and a quickie shoot because, it’s a flip flop dress. It’s funny and I hear there is a commercial with a similar dress.

This dress is one of the things I like about SL fashion. You don’t NEED it. My entire RL wardrobe is filled with things I needed. Things which are functional and serviceable. Thus – things like flip flop dresses totally press my buttons in SL. Continue reading

For Gabor Sisters Everywhere….

Back before there were gay people (wink), my Uncle George was a CONFIRMED OLD BACHELOR. I don’t know if you are old enough to have ever KNOWN a CONFIRMED OLD BACHELOR, but they are men of a certain age who never married. They tend to live alone or with a “friend” who is a border or roommate. They often travel together.

My Uncle George was such a Confirmed Old Bachelor.

He traveled to Cuba to gamble in the 30s and flew to South America to travel the Amazon with his friend Hal. They also loved to visit San Francisco. They lived for a while in Los Angeles where Uncle George was a hairstylist at “FOX” as he would say. He worked there through the war and beyond, only returning home when he had a huge novel of delicious Hollywood gossip and intrigue he could share when you visited him.

And he love love loved the Gabor sisters. ALL OF THEM. Continue reading

When You Can't Find A Shirt

…blog without one.
Sascha Frangilli of Sacha’s Designs has released a ton of new and fun pants. I was looking for a quick morning look, and the pants were easy but I wanted just the RIGHT shirt.
Which I couldn’t settle on!
So, I’ll just bring you Belleza’s MELISSA – in PALE! 🙂 Continue reading

SHHHH There's a Party!

I am wearing my pretty party dress from L’Abel because TODAY is a special Tea and Cupcakes Party at ADAM N EVE!
And YOU need to go because, they are giving away AWESOME gift bags with skin and makeups and it’s going to be a super fun besides! Continue reading

Sexy In Slink

posted by Gidge Uriza

My friend Ersatz is such an attention HOAR. I swear. I was gonna post this on Monday after all the July4 shenanigans but I thought she’d pop an aneursym stamping her well heeled feet if I didn’t post STRAIGHT AWAY.

Plus you know, when shooting with her, you have to put up with all her SELF-ASS Admiration which is VERY distracting

Ersatz Charisma smacks that fine ass. THEN smacks yours too.

You see what I have to put up with? Continue reading

Dripping With Fireworks – From EarthStones

posted by Gidge Uriza

As long as I have been fashion blogging Abraxxa Anatine of EarthSTones has been creating festive holiday jewelry.

This year is NO exception. The gorgeous and fun Fireworks necklace and earrings really have to be WORN to be appreciated, stop action pics just don’t cut it because they sparkle and twinkle like real fireworks. They are AMAZING! Continue reading

Jeans No_29

posted by Gidge Uriza

I went shopping with Cajsa some weeks ago and cleaned out my Linden balance buying this and that at the cutest shopping area she’d found.  But being me, I didn’t write down what I bought properly,and obviously I didn’t do anything logical like put them all into a particular FOLDER or something. Fsssss.  Not bloody likely.

What this means is over the past few weeks…….I’ve been trying to find things.

Like, these jeans.

I love these jeans. And I literally ended up typing the word JEAN into my inventory search and going through every pair of jeans I own until I found these. 

 Jeans No_29.

It is from a shop that to the best of what I could tell from the creators pics, is called VERONICA. If you like them, drop me a NC in world and I’ll toss you what I BELIEVE Is the landmark. Helpful aren’t I?

Creators – help us out. Product names should include your store name. Somehow, even in abbreviation. And – PUT YOUR STORE IN YOUR PICS CLEARLY. It’s fine if you also list how your pool boy is your slave but the Master of your dog-eared boy Friend who is the slave of the owner of another store….

but, help us with the naming so that when we do go to reference you, you stick in our minds and we don’t have to puzzle you out.

I have PMS. Can you tell?

I’m wearing another Chloe Skin from EXILE today. I loooove these make ups.


Style Notes:

  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape
  • Hair – D!va – Tomako
  • Skin – EXILE – Chloe – Sunkissed – MYST
  • Top – Zaara – Kavi – Orange
  • Jeans – Veronica (?) – Jeans_29
  • Shoes – !BF! – Urban Bohemian Flats
  • Eyes – Poetic Color – Lavender Fields

A Day In The Life of a Very Spoiled Kitty

posted by Gidge Uriza

Yaaaaawn Stretch. Hiyas everyone. You all have Callie Cline to blame for my transformation into the most spoiled kitty on The Grid. I just went over to buy a couple of dresses, but there it was, the tail by Psychotic Neko for Callie Cline and the diamond Nekoture ears…….and I was hooked. Come on, how could I not love something THIS girly?

I thought I’d torture you and make you follow the glammiest, prissiest kitty ever around for a day. There are even two SUPER SPECIAL GUEST STARS in today’s post, but you gotta WAIT for them!

To start our kitty day, we need a bath. NO, we are not afraid of water. As long as the water comes from a fancy roman bath…….quit staring, you bum lookers.

Continue reading

Bubblegum Pink Cheongsam – FOR THE WIN!

posted by Gidge Uriza

You can imagine my squeals of delight when I walked into the Lika Ruby store and found their delicious girly Cheongsams right in the front of the store.

Cheongsam? And it comes in PINK??? OMG!

/DO WANT! Continue reading