Fleur Perfection

Creamy Cooljoke just wrote about this lovely group gift from Le Petite Fleur yesterday and I had to have it – in part because I used to this dress in RL or one substantially similar. Seeing it made me nostalgic and I rushed to get the dress which took all of two seconds since it was a group gift. It was chilly last night, though, so I added a shrug from Stitch by Stitch to cover the bare shoulders and stay a bit warmer.

To accessorize, Maitreya Frenzy shoes in Plum, the bangles from Dela and the whimsical Buttons o’Fun necklace and earrings form Kimberly Casanova Designs  brought out the purples tones in the dress while the bright green shrug paid homage to the green.

As with anytime I get a group gift from a new-to-me store thanks to news from SL Free*Style, I made a point to go to the store. I think it’s only polite, but also, if you like their gift, you might love their other stuff, too.  Except that was problematic as the SLURL was to her old store, but then so were the LM’s in the designers profile. I sent her a little note to let her know her store was not findable and she sent me a new landmark and a lovely thank you gift of earrings and an ankle bracelet for letting her know.They didn’t happen to go with this outfit, but you will see them soon, I am sure.

Note to Customers: Designers will love you if you let them know that a TP is inaccurate or that their pick TP’s are outdated. I promise.  Note to Designers: When you move, please don’t forget to update your picks. Not every customer is going to be bound and determined to hunt you down. <grin> Some may give up.

Now, that if I had only unpacked the group gift and found the up-to-date landmark in the box with no work whatsoever and  would have not spent an hour hunting should in no way invalidate my point.

Such a fresh and bright dress erquires fresh and bright makeup that has the feel of sping, This leaf makeup from Curio is perfect.  By the way, the clothes at Le Petite Fleur were cute, cute, cute. I bought several dresses. The prices are outrageously low and the quality is high. My only quibble is that the prim skirt attached to the chest (necklace space!!) and had to be edited to attach elsewhere. I am sure however, you will be seeing a few more le Petite Fleur dresses in the near future, their flowery sweet sensibility is right up my alley.

Photography by Cajsa Lilliehook MDR Photo Studio
****STYLE NOTES******

  • Eyes: IC-Eyes Soulful Hazel
  • Skin:  GP Classic Leaf
  • Lashes: SinSKin Portia Lashes
  • Nails: Candy Nail Pink
  • Hair: Mandy by Muism
  • Dress: Group Gift from Le Petite Fleur
  • Shrug: Stitch by Stitch Green Shrug
  • Shoes: Maitreya Frenzy Plum
  • Jewelery: KC Buttons o’Fun Purple Fade by Kimberly Casanova DeLa Amethyst Bellini Bangles

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