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Head to Toe, Mesh is the Word

Costa Rica Whaling

I was not excited about the advent of mesh, fearful that new technology would mean new reasons to crash and new problems to solve. In part that is true, there are new fitting problems. In order to fit the mesh to your shape, you do have to make the central core of your shape conform to a range of standard sizes. In exchange, though, you do not have to fit five separate sculpts to your shape, then edit them every time you change your pose. FaMESHed is a monthly sales event that has formed to celebrate the glory of mesh and this second month is even more exciting than the first.  By the way, look at the wide sleeve of the top, lines so it does not disappear, it is far superior to the melting flesh that lines a bell-shaped system sleeve.

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With the marvelous launch post from Winter Jefferson, Callie Cline Appreciation Day got off to a wild start. I cannot even begin to imagine anything to top that, so will take the safe route and highlight a wonderful gown by Callie Cline and acknowledge Callie’s extraordinary gift for amity. I constantly read comments about those in the fashion world that stereotype us as particularly shallow, catty and drama-riven despite the frequent and constant examples of cooperation and charity such as Relay For Life, the Heart of Love and design collborations such as the recent design challenge. I could go on for hours listing examples that contradict that stereotype of the fashionista, but really, all I need to do is mention Callie Cline and the stereotype falls into the dustbin in which it belongs.

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Casual Friday in Purple

This is the perfect outfit for the weather today – a bit warm a bit brisk, sunny – cloudy, oh damn we can’t make up our minds weather. But no rain! In a city that gets over 200 days of rain, that’s a plus. If I could, I would natter on all day about the purple cardigan from Kurotsubaki. It’s a lovely wrap sweater replete with multiple prim attachments – including the lovely bell sleeves. What’s unique is that there are 4 prims for the flowy bits – 2 for each attachment point so you can choose exactly how full and flowy you want it to be. I chose the less full options just because that seemed more casual.

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I like all sorts of art and many artists, but for some odd reason my favorites all have last names beginning with K: Klimpt, Klee and Kandinsky. Isn’t that odd? Of course, it’s not odd that someone who loves Klee also loves Kandinsky as they both taught at the Bauhaus, a relatively short-lived art school that had a tremendously positive influence on art and architecture and even product design. So…when I saw the Kandinsky dress from True La La, it was irresistible. It is made of a sleevless tank, prim skirt and socks – all with marvelous Kandinsky print on them. However, I thought that the three pieces of Kandinsky were too much and decided to take a different road for the skirt.

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Another Mwuah for Ivalde

I remember the first time I saw pre-pleated fabric on bolts. I was in Algeciras across the bay from Gibraltar, living with a family there while attending school. We went fabric shopping and went into a fabric store that was made for film with shelves up to the ceiling overflowing with fabrics, a rail with a sliding ladder like in old book stores and that aura of having existed in one place for over a hundred years. The store was dim and the bright sun of the Costa del Sol was kept out by thick velvet curtains – guardians against fading and sun damage. My friend was making herself a skirt and we looked at dozens of shades of cream in fabrics with sharp, narrow pleats. I had never seen such variety and abundance in fabric choices nor had I ever been in such an atmospheric and magical store.  Back home, the fabric store was a back room at the florist shop and cream was cream was cream and the idea of a dozen shades of cream was unimaginable.  I think that store was where I caught the fashion bug.

Ivalde’s Neferia Abel probably has been to more fabric stores that have multiple shades of cream than those who offer only one – you can see that in the subtlety with which she approaches color in this dress, Benedicte.

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Jazmin & Clyde

Bonnie & Clyde may have come to a bad end, but I think Jazmin and Clyde roll together famously and will ramble along until a comfortable retirement in some distant inventory purge.  The Clyde in this outfit is the new line of ribbon-tied ankle boots from Digit Darkes.  Jazmin is the marvelous minidress from Bare Rose that is as soft, romantic and frilly as can be…and flexible as well, wearable as a blouse or dress (just drop the  prim) and comes in several colors. I chose the wear the black dress for this shoot.

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Don't Ask Me Where to Find It.

So Gidge is participating in the Greatest Love hunt – hiding a box at her store Don’t Ask with special freebies for the hunt from some of the designers she features in her store. Among the offerings are skins and lingerie such as I am wearing here.

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Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Heart Clubs Band

May I introduce to you Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Pants?

It was twenty years ago today,
Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play
They’ve been going in and out of style
But they’re guaranteed to raise a smile.
So may I introduce to you
The act you’ve known for all these years,
Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

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Michelle Obama has excited the fashion world this past year and has often been compared to another first lady, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, because, like Jackie, she is a fashion trailblazer. With hypercritical attention of the press, most First Ladies opt for well-known established designers and safe colors and designs. Michelle Obama’s choices on Inauguration Day signaled in two ways that she is not going the safe route. First, she chose relatively unknown designers, not opting for the security of an old design house. Secondly, although the silhouettes were classic and certainly safe, the fabrics and colors were bold and adventurous. My choices for this outfit offer an homage to the brilliant color coordination and experimentation she offered for the historic event.

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