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It's All About the Pants

This outfit is all about the pants – even though with the high boots you only see a bit of them, that bit is enough because these are Pants of Power.  Well, actually, I just made that part up. Still the new Graphic Skinny Pants from Modern Gypsy are cool enough and simultaneously hot enough to turn heads 360 degrees – so that makes them  Pants of Power in my book.

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StoRin & R.icielli

Annah Whitfield is one of my favorite pose makers. Her poses are great for showing off clothes and shooting pics for the blog as they have little or no distortion and are carefully calibrated to avoid breaks and intersections. They are investment poses because they will be used again and again and again. These poses are available right now at the StoRin booth at the  Pose Fair. Have you been there yet? No? Well, get moving!!!

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Rockin' It

If Lady Gaga were in Second Life, she would shop at Diram. I know this, not because she told me, but because I believe we all have a small inner Lady Gaga bursting to get out and be outrageous from time to time. I know it’s cool to hate on Lady Gaga for being commercial, for being too pop, for selling out, for being over-produced and so on. I don’t care. Sometimes the reason people are really super successful and popular is not because they sold out to reach the lowest common denominator, but because they are that good.  She’s one of those. If you doubt me, listen to her sing Poker Face at the piano – no synthesizers, nothing but a fine pure voice. That woman has pipes!

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