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Comfy Cozy Are We

Don’t you just love those wam, cozy fabrics that feel like you’re wearing a hug? That’s why people buy crazy things like the wearable blankets and such. They want their clothes to give them hugs. Well, I won’t be wearing a blanket any time soon, but I’m not immune to the love of huggable clothes like this comfy little dress from BeetleBones. Just one look and you know it’s warm, cozy and soft enough to pet.

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StoRin & R.icielli

Annah Whitfield is one of my favorite pose makers. Her poses are great for showing off clothes and shooting pics for the blog as they have little or no distortion and are carefully calibrated to avoid breaks and intersections. They are investment poses because they will be used again and again and again. These poses are available right now at the StoRin booth at the  Pose Fair. Have you been there yet? No? Well, get moving!!!

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