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For Arts Sake

It’s been a hard working fashiony night for this girl. It’s not easy standing around looking pensive, or sultry, or pithy, or whatever it is I’m trying to appear. This is serious business.  Continue reading

Ice Queen

Wow, two post in one day. I’m on a roll with a side of slaw. I made my way to the cosmetics fair which is like one of my favorite fairs. Love me some makeup layers. They really let you change the way you look. Even if you have the same skin as a thousand other avatars, a make-up layer can give you an entirely new look.

Hybie Is Wearing:

Skin: Kooqla – Bisquit – Nude
Eye Shadow: [ChicZafari] – Queen Ice Make Up Couture (Cosmetics Fair)
Eyes: .tsg. – Galaxy – Ice Blue (Cosmetics Fair)
Outfit: r2 – A/D/E uruwa – pink (c88)
Hair: D!va – Miso – onyx – (c88)
Beauty Marks: Nox. – Beauty Marks – 3 (Cosmetics Fair)

Almost Late for C88!

I don’t normally like to post things so close to closing time, but I really enjoyed my outfit today, so alas, I am going to share it anyway.

Helena Stringer - IOF - Almost Late for C88 - 1

Collabor88 closes it’s doors at 11:59pm slt tonight, so you only have a little time left to go shopping. The new round starts on Sunday.

Helena Stringer - IOF - Almost Late for C88 - 2

I bought one pair of these shoes originally, then found out you can mix and match through the huds. Sadly at the time I did not find the fatpack, and after buying 5 pairs I’m super tempted to ask to pay the difference and get the fatpack, they really are too much fun to play with.


Skin – Dulce Secrets – Mikaia Skin in Cognac Tone/Smoked Makeup – @ Structure Your Skin Project
Hair – The Stringer Mausoleum – Clara Bow in Darknight
Eyes – CNZ – Real Eyes with Colour Change Hud @ Stuff in Stock
Lashes – N/A
Dress – R2 – A/D/E Kirabi in Navy/Gold @ Collabor88
Stole – Ryvolter – Mink Princess Stole in Champagne @ Collabor88
Shoes – Schadenfreude – Casinelle Shoes @ Collabor88
Jewelry Set – HANDverk – Zelda Set in Green @ Collabor88

TP to Structure Your Skin Project
TP to Stuff in Stock
TP to Collabor88

Poses – KS2Kool

Location – The Rose Theatre & Art Gallery

Leather and Lace


Leather and lace probably would have become a fashion cliche without Stevie Nicks, but she certainly helped it along. Has there been a season of Project Runway without some leather and lace walking down the runway, usually with flowing tulle. Well, it does not have to be a cliche as you can see in this very modern minimalist one button jacket with the small lace punctuation for R2 for Collabor88 and these great Napa leather pants from NYU for faMESHed.


Modern sensibilities continue with the jackets square cut open back. This is as angular as the front is curved. This is a jacket that is thoroughly modern with its few touches of romanticism nearly invisible, as in the black on black brocade sleeves. It is still feminine, but strong and modern. It looks forward, not back and there is not a sentimental stitch in its fabric. You can find it at Collabor88 in an array of bright colors as well as this black and white with a coordinating miniskirt. I opted to pair it with the NYU leather pants to change it up and drop any possibility of it bursting into song “you give me your leather…Take from me my lace.”

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Peek a Boo!


So this is an outfit to wear clubbing. The sleek, almost mirror-like pants look great under the moving colored lights over the dance floor. The top is about as sexy and revealing as is legal and yet cool, comfortable and perfect for dancing. I imagine that little bow could tempt someone to pull one end, but smart tailoring has stitched it closed so there won’t be an murder on the dance floor tonight.



The super sheer lace is lined along the facing, providing strategic opacity just where it is needed. Little chain button closures flirt with exposure but are perfectly secure. Because it is sheer, it has to fit perfectly and it does. There is no alpha with this top because the point is exposing the skin.  Continue reading

Heat Rises


One of the blessings (curses) of living in an upper floor apartment is the simple law of physics that heat rises. What that means in practical terms is that my downstairs neighbor pays for heat and I get most of it. I don’t turn on the heat. Right now it is 48°F outside (9°C) and I have two windows open and the fan running and it’s 76° in here. I imagine my downstairs neighbor as a lizard cranking up the heat and basking by the heater, warming his cold blood. It is hard to imagine a warm-blooded creature needing that much heat.

Heat rises in fashion, too, and I think the heat is bringing some really great stuff to the top at faMESHEd. Take this fabulous bodycon dress from Pink Outfitters. It’s figure hugging as any bodycon dress should be and comes in rich, saturated colors such as this fabulous eggplant. It also comes with fitted belts in silver and white. I love the long sleeves and simple round neckline that makes it perfect for big statement jewelry. My only quibble is that while dancing, there is an occasional break on the back of the legs where the leg will come through the mesh in some movements. This doesn’t bother me since coming from the era of sculpties and system skirts, that is a minor glitch.

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Last Day of Chic2 and Only 3 More Days of SL9B


The worst thing about events is that they close and I always feel that I have not seen enough, highlighted enough or done enough to share the great variety of creations at the event. That’s certainly true of Chic2 which closes today and of SL9B. The entertainment ends today but the exhibits will remain until the 27th. You should definitely go exploring and if you’re a freebie hunter, this is prime territory for freebies. Today I am wearing Tare, a new dress released by MiaMai with a summery pop art print in several colors. I chose orange because I picked up some orange shoes at Collabor88 that I wanted to wear.


But first take a look at this gorgeous tree from New Trails. It’s only 100 lindens at the moment – part of the Spruce Up Your Space event. It’s at New Trail right by the landing point. And then there are those logs on the floor with the moss and bracken. They also come with big mushrooms, but I edited them out since they were more fantasy than I wanted for this. It’s from Gallimaufry and free at their SL9B just two parcels down from the Blogger Carnival. There are six poses in the log, but they were laying down and sitting poses that didn’t work with this skirt and the handbag.

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Serendipitous Swan

Swansong Serendipity

This gorgeous jacket from Swansong is called Serendipity. Serendipity is one of my favorite words as well as a lovely concept. While I don’t believe in fate or karma or other supernatural interventions in our lives, I do believe in serendipity. Serendipity is making desirable discoveries by accident, finding fortunate or agreeable things while you’re not looking for them, the happy coincidences of life. It’s that charming coincidence of deciding to wear a bright, colorful jacket like this one from Swansong and teleporting to Collbora88 and finding the fabulously florescent colored shoes from R2 that are a perfect complement, without even intending to look for them.

Swansong Serendipity

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The Grasslands

Noweeta Grassland

I spent far too much shopping this weekend with so many new releases and events that I decided to take a break and go for a walk at the fabulous Noweeto Grasslands. I thought the lizard tote from Celoe would love to go for a walk with me.

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