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Fleur Perfection

Creamy Cooljoke just wrote about this lovely group gift from Le Petite Fleur yesterday and I had to have it – in part because I used to this dress in RL or one substantially similar. Seeing it made me nostalgic and I rushed to get the dress which took all of two seconds since it was a group gift. It was chilly last night, though, so I added a shrug from Stitch by Stitch to cover the bare shoulders and stay a bit warmer. Continue reading

Make Mine a Malacca

The blog title was just a moment of mourning for the passing of the finest gin ever made when Bombay discontinued their wonderful Bombay Malacca a few years ago, leaving me to settle for the fine, but decidedly not as fine Bombay Sapphire. Ever since I saw The Bar, I have been wanting to shoot there, but also wanted to wear a dress that suited its rich palette. The Arioso dress from Blaze that I got at the RFL Fashion Expo a few weeks ago was what I was looking for.

The Arioso dress is amazingly flexible with multiple layer options. The textures are rich enough to deserve shooting here at the wonderful bar. Among the layer options, you get two color accents and two skirt lengths. She makes it in six jewel-tone colors. Scrumptious. I want them all. There are more photos at Flickr.

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Please pass the Dijon

Some words sound delicious and lovely. Words like silk, charmeuse, aubergine, melon and dijon. Lovely words for lovely things. Then there are the harsh words like cactus, hammer, crankcase and mustard. Still mustard can be lovely and not just on a hot dog. For example, this gorgeous sheer overblouse and tank from Persona are mustard and they are a glorious color. I paired them with the brown with yellow tulips skirt and belt from mocca and was as happy as someone with a hot dog with all the fixings. Now if she only called the color Dijon! ^-^ There are more photos on flickr, if you care to see different angles. Continue reading

Custom Maid (and a freebie)

So I am running around to all the Kraftika shops last night, hoping there’s something new because I love, love, love their jewelry. Sadly, there wasn’t anything new. However, one of the shops happened to be upstairs in the Xtreme Relooking shop where the owner, Myriam Republic was there. She kindly showed me where the store was and we got to talking. Myriam and her partner make custom shapes and skins and darn it anyway, if I didn’t end up walking out of there with this skin with a custom makeup she made while I waited. All I can say is that I am thrilled with it. Continue reading

Gwen by Tuli


Posted by Cajsa Lilliehook

I saw Felice Haruka’s sleek and elegant accessorizing of this dress and drooled on my keyboard. Quickly making my way to Tuli, I picked up this gorgeous dress and then decided to accessorize to take it in a different direction from her oh-so-elegant outfit to something a bit more playful and funky. Check out Felice’s composition here: http://feliceharuka.blogspot.com/2008/04/tuligwen.html

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