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Blue Skies


I love ice blue, that wonderful color that seems to be deciding between blue, white and silver and never making up its mind. The ice blue of the  Lani dress from Lelutka is just that perfect shade, holding itself in a state of perfect suspension between the three, never drifting off balance. Add to that perfect ice blue, the beautifully formed bodice and winging single sleeve that arches gracefully over the left shoulder and the lovely sculpted skirt and you have a very cool bit of chic.


Loving the dress color so much, I really wanted to emphasize it by shooting at the beautifully blue sim Noah’s Ark where nearly everything is blue. I also chose the Cheery Cyan windlight setting from Torley Linden to reinforce the blueness.  Continue reading

Summer Days

Summer dresses are like summer days, bright and cheerful and full of light and air. This Holly dress from Kungler’s is definitely a perfect summer dress. It was a gift from Barbra Kungler – a thank you for including her in my Double Take project. How lovely is that, she was posing as a favor for me and I got a present out of it – and a lovely present as you can see.

Barbra Kungler: Double Take

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Truth in Advertising

So I wandered over to the Floydian Continent (well, they’re working on it) to Tenshi Vielle’s CRAP Boutique conveniently located next to Fresh Trash. Sorry, but late night shopping can be a giggle fest. Tenshi doesn’t have a huge inventory, but the work is creative, witty and hand-drawn so I thought I might show you a couple CRAP outfits, just because the name cracks me up. However, as far as truth in advertising goes, good thing there’s no law that says the name has to reflect the merchandise.

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Hunting Gear

Gidge and I did the VIP Keys hunt last night finishing late enough that I have not even peeked at our gifts yet. However, it was a pleasant hunt and 50 seems just about the right number. It was the first hunt I have completed since the Halloween Ghost hunt. I found some new-to-me stores and spent more than I should have, so it seems to work the way it’s supposed to.  This is the outfit I wore while hunting – casual and comfy, but still stylish and fun.

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