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Peppermint Blue One Year Anniversary – FREE GIFT!

Posted by Gidge Uriza

Once Upon a Time at the Vicious Mall – I sent out a group IM for models. I said that the first 10 girls to respond would get to be models and of course keep the clothes. Alice07 Barzane responded, and despite her little English and my zero Japanese, we had a splendid afternoon taking pictures of clothes that would be for sale at Vicious Fairy. Continue reading

Sweater Weather Approacheth!

posted by Gidge Uriza

Sweaters, ladies. Sweater weather is coming. Yes you heard me. Labor Day is coming in the US which means we’ll be packing up our whites and our linen, and pulling out sweaters, tweeds and wool. Which makes this a perfect time to show off what I recently picked up at Stitchy by Stitch.

I like to check out the occasional art gallery and I’ve heard about Quadrapop Tree forever and never made it over. While I missed the grand opening of their sim, I managed to eek out some exploring time one afternoon recently and this little ensemble made the cut for the day.  Slinking around the mysterious modern landscape and taking in the wonderful pieces, this was a nice casual choice for such a nice open sim. Continue reading

I'm Bringing Sexy Back

posted by Gidge Uriza

I’m not the sort of girl who attaches her Xcite and tells, but I can tell you that I spend a lot of time deciding what new delicious thing to wear for intimate moments.  What is the point, the boys will ask? The point is, to me….that I’m saying something about who I am, and bringing sexy with me.

I love classic sexy styling. You don’t have to be in a shorty prim skirt with half your boobs hanging out to show a SLuver or anyone else that your mind is on a private evening. Continue reading

Song Song Blue

posted by Gidge Uriza

You would have to know that even though I HAD a bikini all picked out and accessorized for my pool party last night, as soon as Alice07 Barzane showed up with her Peppermint Blue Newbie Assistance Pack I’d have to slip into this lacey little set. (Bikinis and Lingerie are totally interchangeable in my mind!)

Continue reading