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Snow Angels

When fellow photographer GM Nikolaidis, also of Spork, sent me a Christmas present that included a snow angel animation, I could not wait to use it. I im’ed my friend hatchy and she joined me.

It doesn’t snow in Hong Kong (rarely, Google says 4 days of snow in a decade) so this was hatchy’s first time making snow angels. And she got to enjoy it without the stray bits of snow seeping under  her collar  and melting and trickling down her back.  Speaking of Hong Kong, my outfit is all made by another friend from Hong Kong, Miffyhoi Rosca.

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Winter Yum

Styles of Edo – which includes the wonderful designs of Marni Jewell formerly of azul – has many lush and glorious ball gowns. My favorite, though, by far is this richly textured, super-saturated festival of deep colors called Dark Pearl. With rich hand-painted silk organza, the color play in this dress is magnificent.

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When Skulls Go Cute

I seriously dislike logo clothing and accessories. Dislike is probably too mild a term, loathe is more accurate. If you cannot recognize good quality design and construction without a billboard announcing it, well that’s sad. If you don’t know that good quality and construction comes in many different price ranges, that’s even sadder. I am puzzled by the popularity of Louis Vuitton’s classic bag. If they want me to carry their advertising, they can pay portage. Give me Biasia, Isobella Fiore or Bottega Veneta anyday. So, you know I have to really love this razorback shirt to wear something with such a huge logo on the front. And I do love it, it’s cute, fresh and fun…and is on every layer.

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Who likes free shoes?

That’s me raising my hand and heading over to Fishy Strawberry to host a lucky chair party — which is my way of saying that with the right attitude, waiting for your letter can be downright fun. You just crank the music and invite your friends sto join you as their letters come up. If you’re like me, your friends will hang out and invite their friends, too, to keep that chair moving. Of course, once you win your shoes, you can’t disappear because by then some friends and friends of friends have come so you need to help them get their shoes, too. That’s why it’s a party. It can last for hours…as it did in this case. I think I won my shoes after about 15 minutes, but I must have spent 3 hours in the store.  And that’s the point, because, not only did I walk out with the super shoes you will see after the cut, but I blew my budget and bought way, way, way too much stuff including everything I am wearing.

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I'll Take Mine with Olives

Sometimes you need to cleanse your palate with something different. After several black, red, orange and brown outfits faithful to the season, I decided to cleanse my palate with some olives.

Styling this look started with a coat by Damiani Fashions, shown later in the post. It comes with an open and closed option so I decided to style the coat unbuttoned and set about chossing what to wear underneath.

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Magic Crystal Revelation

Another Hair Fair Find and yes, another from Bishwear. Can I help it that I like shaky, shakey shakey hair? This style features straighter, more flyaway hair that has a naturalistic look to it. To give myself a crystalline feel, I went for this lovely group gift from Baiastice. Continue reading

No more falsehoods or derisions

This line of the song seems so appropriate today for some reason. However, it is purely coincidence that this wsa the next line of the song.

Yes, it’s  odd title for a post, but I am working my way through the songs of Hair for the Hair Festival. Don’t worry, I will stick to the safe songs and promise not to post a series of entries each titled from lines of Sodomy. So! Hair Fair! My first post after Hair Fair opened was about this stunning hair from Exile that I had noted when it was first shown on the feed and my mad dash to get it during the sneak peek. So, imagine my surprise when I signed on and received a lovely thank you gift….and yet another hair style that I really like. This time with  a cap that changes color with a simple touch. Continue reading

The Earth Says Hello

and so do dragonflies.

I gave a big hello to the marvelous biker cap from Argrace and decided to dress up as a Pennzoil Princess in honor of the hat. Setting out to shoot at the Texaco station at Refuge and Prospect I was lucky enough to run into the builder himself – who kindly gave me a dragonfly.  How could I not include it in my shoot…and in this case, take one picture from the dragonfly’s viewpoint.

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Good morning starshine

Continuing with wonderful Hair Fair finds, today I am wearing the Codie hair style from Mirada – a new-to-me store with wonderful hair that needed no tinting. There’s a nip in the air so I put on this cuddly warm Round and Aboutton dress from Veschi. It’s autumnal colors put me in mind of the prairie so I headed out to The Refuge and Prospect and hopped a train. Continue reading