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Gidge's Love List 4: Even MORE Good Blondes

Everyone’s greatest fear can now be put to rest, see, I really did do Elika.
Elika is a no brainer to me, her textures are amazing and her stylings soft and pretty. She’s on the short list of people that I’ve worn a ton of her colors an never found them lacking. She has a gorgeous range of blonde tones, all of the very natural and not brassy or too bright. She’s especially good with the platinums I think. So cross that one off, yes, I too love Elikatira. Continue reading

Casual Friday:Tea for Two – From BlueBlood

posted by Gidge Uriza

Ghanima at BlueBlood has taken to creating sets which are specifically designed for sharing, which I think is particularly festive.  For only 100L you get a set that is shaded to be unisex so you can dress up your guy friends like I have done to Deth up above. According to Ghanima’s note, she specifically shaded the clothes so that the boys don’t have boobies and the girls don’t get a package so you know, that’s  a WIN! Continue reading

Mutant Baby Animals For Easter!

posted by Gidge Uriza

My festive Uriza Cousin Ghanima, the creator at BlueBlood has released a set of dresses that might just be the perfect Easter Dress for those of you not of a chiffon and flowers inclination.

Mutant Baby Animals anyone? Each dress comes with two in the folder and trans properties on one (or both, fsss I forget) so you can SHARE the goodness with a friend. And you have a lovely choice of TYPE of mutant baby animal! Would you like a chicken flower,or a cow bear? What about a Sheep bunny? Continue reading

Rite of Spring

posted by Gidge Uriza

Spring is coming. Where I live everything is in bloom and it’s been sweltering warm in the afternoons.  So how else to celebrate the Earth shrugging off winters cold and grey ugliness than to go dancing in the flowers and forests at Oubliette?

I'm an Excellent Dancer

I actually wasn’t paying attention – and wore the shape that came with this costume from Wishbox. 🙂 It’s cute. Continue reading

A Twenty-First Century Louise Brooks

Louise Brooks was a great silent film actress and model – in fact, I would be surprised if you have not seen pictures of her at one time or another – including many striking nudes. She was very much the iconic image of the flapper era with her short bob and long pearl necklaces and her dramatic, defined makeup. Dahlinks, in keeping with the Broadway theme of the Accessory Fair has produced the Louise Brooks jewelry set of necklace, earrings and cocktail ring. It is quintessentially Art Deco – bold and geometric. Nonetheless, despite its adherence to the era, I did not pair it with something vintage, instead imagining what Louise Brooks would wear if she were alive today.

I found the answer in my Baiastice 2009 folder – the bold assymetric, figure-hugging Black Plastik. She would not be wearing vintage, but would wear the avant-garde. She was bold in her wardrobe then and she would be bold now.

Continue reading

Fashion that gets your heart racing

I admit it, I love the Winter Collection from Micah Kanto. I have already posted several dresses from the collection and thought I had seen it all, and then this Sunday I go to see the runway show and was blown away by a second collection that was only released yesterday.  This Fashion Monster collection continues the red, white and black color theme – but all in houndstooth fabrics formed into wild and extravagant shapes. This is an avant garde collection of winter wear and while it won’t be to everyone’s taste – it just suits mine to a T.  You can see all the hallmarks of this collection in the Onyxia suit I am wearing. Bold use of houndstooth fabric, architectural embellishments such as the sweeping shoulder sculpts and bold shapes such as the stand up collar and the peplum.

Continue reading

Big & Bold:Red & Black

So Modern Gypsy designer Micah Kanto invited me over to see the new store and new Winter collection and I just fell in love with nearly everything! When I walked into the room with the Winter 2010 Collection, I went on point like a hunting dog and said one word: Red!  Of course, the collection is more than red, there’s black and white and it’s full of strong graphic textures and bold prints like this larger than life houndstooth print in this gorgeous Humble Heiress dress from the collection.

I took a quick snap so you can see how strong an impression this cohesive collection makes as a whole. It’s really an amazing piece of work and tells a real story. Nina and Michael would definite judge it a winner.

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Casual Friday In Latex

posted by Gidge Uriza

The girly pink of this latex ensemble was of course the reason I plucked it up out of my inventory when I spied it. PINK LATEX? Are you kidding me?  Pink latex FTW!  I like the detail and styling even though this particular look might not normally be my style, I thought it had some whimsy to it. Continue reading

Casual Friday:Sooooo, I Won This Hair……

posted by Gidge Uriza

Ok so I’m shopping at Little Heaven – THE SCARIEST SHOP ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH AND IF YOU DO NOT BELIEVE ME GO TO THE DAMNED BASEMENT……..anyway, I walk into the hair section and VOILA! G! On the LUCKY CHAIR!

I hadn’t even rezzed enough to see WHAT was in said lucky chair for the WIN but hey. FREE HAIR!  I hopped in, collected my bootey and then hopped back up. Slapping on my new DELPHINE Hair…….I was greeted by tresses which would make Crystal Gale weep. Continue reading

The One Where I Steal Cajsa's Jewelry

posted by Gidge Uriza

I picked up this skirt and sweater over at Edge Designs after Belle Lefavre sent me over there exploring. I thought the skinned knees were very reminiscent of my youth, where I tripped and fell over everything in sight regularly. Forbidden to wear clogs of any sort due to such clumsiness, I would have rocked this look daily had I dressed this way, I promise.

Bandaids can be fashion! We’re setting a trend, two posts with bandages of some sort in 24 hours. Continue reading