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We Seek the Dark Tower, Thankee Sai

posted by Gidge Uriza

Baiastice’s new release of the CAGE TOP was an on the fly inspiration to do a shoot together and Cajsa knew just the place to go – IMMERSIVA.

To me it was extremely GUNSLINGERISH – and I kept expecting Roland and company to come rolling through chasing the Man in Black.  Well – like UltraModern Gunslinger – just as parts of the book are quite anachronistic, the sim reeks of both primitive and ultramodern tones. It is, not to put too fine a point on it – extraordinary.

With bold and futuristic design this top has two options, one modest – as we’re wearing so you can’t see ALL of our goodies, and one NOT so modest,with your goodies on full display. We’ve also added Baiastice’s LEATHER RIDE pants because if we’re going to chase the Man in Black – we need sensible pants. Continue reading

Hunting Gear

Gidge and I did the VIP Keys hunt last night finishing late enough that I have not even peeked at our gifts yet. However, it was a pleasant hunt and 50 seems just about the right number. It was the first hunt I have completed since the Halloween Ghost hunt. I found some new-to-me stores and spent more than I should have, so it seems to work the way it’s supposed to.  This is the outfit I wore while hunting – casual and comfy, but still stylish and fun.

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Many people think of vintage clothing as costume clothing – but a smart fashionista buys vintage that is classic in form and fabric so that it’s timeless and always chic. As Chanel once said, “Fashion fades, only style remains the same.” Illustrating that idea, I borrowed the top from a 1950’s Ivalde and combined it with a very 80’s pair of pants from &Bean for a completely contemporary look.

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Hearts & Flowers

Another day of cuteness with adorable embroidery from Meu! and Stitch by Stitch.  The top is from Meu! on Osaka sim. It’s the store called Meu! & Ska, a joint store with fun, playful shirts. I could not resist the lovely embroidery in this top. I decided to wear the Stitch by Stitch embroider shrug because I am not afraid of too much of a good thing. Adding a simple pencil skirt kept me from going over the top.

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