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Dressing for Rain That Isn't There, plus an Ode to Maitreya

We have an average of 150 rainy days a year where I live  and they are almost all consecutive. We have a sunny, dry season and a cloudy, wet season. As much as folks struggle to make four seasons,  it’s more like 2.5.  It’s not as bad as it sounds, though, since you can run around in the rain for two hours without getting wet. This is the perfect sort of outfit for the kind of rainy days we get. It acknowledges the weather without overreacting.  You want to look like you did check the weather in the morning and are not oblivious to the rain or the old folks on the bus will “tut tut.” What could be better than a lovely sweater dress with a thick enough knit to repel all the rain and some nice warm knit stockings to keep your tootsies toasty? When I saw this Ingrid dress at Lelutka I decided I want one in every color in RL. Now if only they were sold in Lindens.

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No, we’re not going to start popping and locking and dancing hip hop. The B is in reference to Blowpop and Baiastice – two of our fashion addictions. Both Gidge and I are wearing blowpop skins and then new Group gift from Baiastice – a gold, silver and white short cocktail dress that we each mashed up in different directions.

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No. 99

I grew up in a church that was rich in musical tradition. Services were full of music and at least two Sunday evening services a month were music only. All of us had favorites and would call them out by number. The pastor’s son could be counted on to jump to his feet and shout No. 60 (The Old Rugged Cross) the second the service began. My favorite was No. 99 – In the Garden. When I put this dress on this morning, that song came into my head and I have been singing and humming it ever since. It’s a song that really exemplifies the ecstatic tradition in protestant faith, though some people get all huffy if you say that.

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Going Dotty for Van Gogh

I had the original Van Gogh dress from Lady Thera’s Art & Fashion, but last night while I was talking to her about another outfit that is no longer on sale, she recalled some photos my ex shot of me in that dress and sent me a newer edition. Much sexier, she said.  It sure is. It comes in two version – with a prim skirt or with the system skirt. With the system skirt, you can even do some navel-gazing. The one I am wearing is the one with the prim skirt. Yup, very sexy.

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Eggplant Elegance !

posted by Gidge Uriza

Lemania Indigo continues to shuffle through her store’s inventory, retiring pieces daily and weekly as she makes new creations. You will have to RUN this morning to catch the Eggplant Elegance gown before it retires forever from her store. Continue reading

Martini Time at Jack & Belle's

posted by Gidge Uriza

My social season may be off, because just when “The Season” should be wrapping up for RL – I’m suddenly social butterfly this weekend.  I had logged in on Friday night to putz about and received an invitation to Belle LeFavre and her husband Jackson’s party they were hosting.

I wasn’t dressed properly but had picked up several cocktail type dresses at Little Rebel recently so I picked out one called Martini Time and popped over. Continue reading

Theda Bara's Dress

Another favorite from the Digital Alchemy celebration of Egypt was this marvelous gown from Laughing Academy that wholeheartely embraced the multiple influences of the Art Deco Egyptian Revival movement. By designing a dress as an homage to Theda Bara, Laughing Academy frankly places the gown right smack in the middle of that movement.

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Efe Is Groovy Baby

posted by Gidge Uriza

I used to think that I didn’t wear dark skin tone skins -let’s say it BLACK skin tones, because I couldn’t identify with them. Chalk that up to being white and American. But then, I realized I also didn’t identify with being blue or pink or any other color which I am known to wear……..so why the hang up? Continue reading

UnDress(ed) at the Beach

posted by Gidge Uriza

I’ve been looking for something to wear with this bikini from Vogel and the launch of the UnDress skins from Digit Darkes was just the excuse I needed to head down the the beach. Everyone knows the true test of an exceptional skin is how it looks nekkid.

Ok this one is just lovely. But this isn’t THAT kind of blog.

So the next best thing has to be to lay it out CLOSE to naked in a beautiful bikini and see how she looks, eh? The rocks hurt my butt, by the way. Continue reading

Rangoon or It Doesn't Hurt to Ask

I have told you about the XNT Rangoon Shirts before in a post in which I wished designer Nix Sands would make a underpants layer so the shirts would tuck in and be wearable with lower-waisted clothing.  In conversation, I explained that not all of us women like baring our navels all the time and he promised to look into it.  I was delighted, then, when he dropped two new Rangoon shirts on me with the underwear layer. One was black cherry and the other was this gorgeous pearl shirt.

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