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Trees in the garden


I am stealing a segment and the title from D. H. Lawrence’s poem. You know, for all his notoriety for Lady Chatterley’s Lover, Sons and Lovers and Women In Love, I always thought he wrote most passionately about nature. He wrote as though he wanted to strip and roll around naked in the grass and describe all the pokes and prickles, the fresh scents and the soft springiness.

And the ghostly, creamy coloured little tree of leaves
white, ivory white among the rambling greens
how evanescent, variegated elder, she hesitates on the green grass
as if, in another moment, she would disappear
with all her grace of foam!

This was shot at Emerald Green where little surprises like this lovely garden are hidden around every corner.
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Fashion For Life – Shiki Designs


Shinichi Mathy of Shiki Designs always makes interesting clothes with a singular element that takes them in an unpredictable direction. For example, the addition of fur at the shoulders adds quirky interest to this lovely alencon lace dress. Shinichi is just one of the many Japanese designers who have generously participated in the Fashion For Life show.

I find myself often thinking about those Second Life friends and acquaintances in Japan and wondering how they are doing. Shinichi’s associate reports that he is fine, which is great news. So far, everyone seems to be doing okay. I find myself thinking about “Everything In Its Path” a book about the aftermath of the Buffalo Creek flood. The author explains with great compassion about the ways natural disaster traumatizes in ways that are not first seen – and most especially through loss of community. The evacuation, the loss of neighbors, habits, of the everyday. It is an incredible book and you can even read the author’s findings in a document downloadable from FEMA. While the ongoing crisis captures our attention now, especially since the damage keeps escalating with nuclear plants and more aftershocks, we should all know that it will take a long, long time to recover a sense of normality again.

I took the photos at the Fashion For Life event. I cannot encourage you enough to go and see these builds. They are just so amazing. I love seeing how the builders translate the different photographers’ aesthetics to architecture and landscaping. It really is a tour de force and you should not deprive yourself of the experience.
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Quick Look: Tasty

My favorite thing about the DSN network is when I find a new store I really like. That happened when this adorable dress from Tasty fell on me the other night. The minute I put it on I have to check out the store, too, and found gorgeous and hotter than hot 60’s style dresses that I expect you will see more of as people find their way to Tasty. What a well named store because these are tasty little dresses.  And don’t these shoes from R2 just work perfectly?

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Don't Fence Me In

I would rewrite that old, old song to say “Give me layers, lots of layers, and the ability to mod, don’t fence me in.” Take for example, this gorgeous cardigan. The wonderful Fair Isle knit and the lovely button details make me love it, but it’s a grumpy sort of love because it’s no mod. However, I did work around that and managed to make it fit me after all, but only after getting frustrated enough to close up Second Life and go chop up soup fixings into teeny tiny pieces.

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Rangoon or It Doesn't Hurt to Ask

I have told you about the XNT Rangoon Shirts before in a post in which I wished designer Nix Sands would make a underpants layer so the shirts would tuck in and be wearable with lower-waisted clothing.  In conversation, I explained that not all of us women like baring our navels all the time and he promised to look into it.  I was delighted, then, when he dropped two new Rangoon shirts on me with the underwear layer. One was black cherry and the other was this gorgeous pearl shirt.

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Christmas Cuteness

So you want to dress up for the holidays, but don’t want to look twee? Why not wear clothes that look fine all year round but give them a holiday edge with accessories and makeup. I am using these old earrings from Dark Mouse – ones I have worn time and again because the colors can, in the context of the season, add a holiday air to regular clothes, The more explicit holiday expression comes from the Fleur Allure Winter skin with the green shadow and the bold red lips.

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Too cute for words

Well, I suppose if I said something about this dress, then I could not say it’s too cute for words. So, instead of saying something about the dress, let me point out the adorably cute ring from flirt (a review item)  – called onyx bloom which has a super color change script so you can make it go with anything even this dress that is too cute for words.

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Fashion in Exile

Perhaps if Napoleon could have worn this hat at St. Helens Elba, maybe he would have stayed and that whole Hundred Days and Waterloo could have been avoided. Okay, probably not, but it’s a thought. Okay, so the thing is, when I saw this hat on the feed yesterday I logged in to grab that hat before I was distracted and fotgot, but if I am completely honest, I would not have forgotten. It’s just that cool – and it has a touch texture change script to give me lots of options.

The other fashion excitement yesterday was the new store Street Magic that opened with great fanfare and a party that I completely forgot about until it was over. Street Magic is a store with 4 designers making clothes, shoes, jewelry and poses – all with the last name Magic – alts created for the purpose of doing the store together – and a smart way to keep their inventory manageable and to allow themselves real free time as their original avatars when they aren’t working. That gorgeous blouse I am wearing is from Street Magic – sent in a review pack with items from all the creators. This picture shows how well the textures are done – wrinkles, shadows and highlights all combining to make it fabuluscious – a neologism just for Street Magic.

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