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Hints of autumn begin to gather

People are trapped in history and history is trapped in them.

NYU has released fabulous button front shirts that tuck in and by tuck in, I mean there really is a tail that tucks in, they don’t just seem to tuck. The top also has a gorgeous yoked back with a single center pleat adding volume to the body of the shirt. There are coordinating skies in several plaids. The color palette is subdued and autumnal, appropriate now that the northern hemisphere heads back to school and the freshness of fall is in the air. If you look, you can see the skirt has a couple design details to elevate it from the ordinary, including a thoroughly modern peplum that is very different from the usual in that is drapes close to the body and is longer than usual. Unlike most peplums, it is not adding a lot of volume at the hips.

People are trapped in history and history is trapped in them.

I stopped off at Cape Juniper which is an interesting sim. It has a wedding venue along the shore and a small town with a retro vibe. There is also this derelict and crumbling old church (I am assuming a church) that caught my eye and drew me in.
People are trapped in history and history is trapped in them.

It didn’t really seem like part of the town, but it was still a lovely spot to visit and take pictures.
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1967 was the prelude to the Summer of Love. Rolling Stone published its first issue. Ralph Nader came to the attention of the public with his book “Unsafe at any Speed” which launched consumer activism. Gas was 33 cents a gallon. Radio London started broadcasting. And Scott McKenzie sang “If you’re going to San Franciso,” the anthem calling youth to the Monterey Pop Festival. Resistance to the Vietnam War was growing and Muhammed Ali was stripped of his heavyweight boxing title for refusing induction into the army. The Beatles released Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Heart Clubs Band and the Magical Mystery Tour and Kurt Cobain was born. You can come to 1967 at The Velvet tonight from 7 to 9 SLT as Maht Wuyts continues his Rock per Annum tour of the last 52 years of music.


Inspired by the San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Some Flowers in your Hair) song, I decided to wear this Flower Children outfit from Gizza. You can find it at the Vintage Fair in two colors. This is the red one – as bright and vibrant as the music that played at the Monterey Pop Festival. The outfit includes the top, pants and the crocheted shrug and all have resize scripts to help you fit them.
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The Secret Garden

Happy Mood is such a delightful store. It’s hard to describe because it sells such a mix of items, but if you want one word,  it’s a store that sells whimsy. Whimsy is the defining word for the secret garden at Happy Mood – a multi-level mixture of culvert tunnels, trees, flowers and fun. When I put on this fun Vive La Bohome dress from Modern Gypsy, I immediately though of whimsy and that made me go to Happy Mood for the photos.

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It All Began With the Necklace

Flachra Lach of Essentia sent me a this incredibly delicate and beautiful necklace and earrings with an announcement that there was a 50% off sale at Essentia through June 7th. I haven’t had a chance to get the picture up until today which means you have one more shopping day at 50% off. When I saw the necklace I knew I really wanted to show it – and so began to build a look for it. My first impulse was something Southwest with the feeling of Taos and deserts and all that, but I quickly decided that was too obvious and started wandering around my inventory folder. It was a fun exploration that helped me clean up a bit of the inventory, too. In the end, though I abandoned Taos for India and indulged in a lot of casual Zaara which is really timely because there’s a 50% off sale at Zaara as well.

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Mambo No. 5

I hopped over to watch the Musashi-Do Fashion Show yesterday and wanting to be a good audience member, I dug in my closet a bit and slipped into a lovely bit of low arc clothing from Ingenue.  The dress is Mama Loves Mambo and you know what, I do love the mambo. It’s a sexy shimmying song perfect for figure-hugging dresses like this one. The lovely sash down one side sways to the music and adds a lively touch to your dancing.

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No. 99

I grew up in a church that was rich in musical tradition. Services were full of music and at least two Sunday evening services a month were music only. All of us had favorites and would call them out by number. The pastor’s son could be counted on to jump to his feet and shout No. 60 (The Old Rugged Cross) the second the service began. My favorite was No. 99 – In the Garden. When I put this dress on this morning, that song came into my head and I have been singing and humming it ever since. It’s a song that really exemplifies the ecstatic tradition in protestant faith, though some people get all huffy if you say that.

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Disco Mix and Match

posted by Gidge Uriza

The new disco pants – Hup Hugger Gold Sparkle – required something flashy to wear with them. I decided I was Cajsa, and that I was going to pull part of another outfit away and make it work with this outfit! I took the top and the sleeves from AXEL’s Dolly Dress which is a fun retro satin texture and made a great pairing.

This is another great example of mining your inventory to make a whole new look out of things you already have!  Unless you’re a SLebrity you’re like me and want to make those lindens count, so mixing and matching pieces together is a great way to get a new look out of things you already have. Continue reading

Not Your Typical Skin Flick

posted by Gidge Uriza

I’ve discovered a new shop to love, thanks to this excellent review pack I was sent from Skin Ficks. My first instinct was, upon hearing the name, that the clothes would be of the SL Hooker-Blingtard variety and I’d throw them out.

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I Need A Dress That Says……

posted by Gidge Uriza

(just an author’s note – all sentiments listed below are actually one year old – they were the motivation for the dress’s purchase)

  • I am no longer to be considered trivial
  • I am not extra, I am part of the crew – as a matter of fact, I do more than you
  • Your boyfriend asked me to be his date for the grand opening of his club
  • He asked me because you are out of town, but it’s a real date
  • I am competing with you
  • Pay attention, because here I am, and I’m not leaving
  • I am powerful, I am beautiful and if you are bad to me, I will rock your world

What sort of dress expresses so much power and fashion? What sort of dress REALLY puts you out there….so that you CANNOT be ignored?

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The Answer is Blowing in the Wind

Do you ever want to shoot a photo with your hair blowing in the wind – and don’t want to mess with a prim-eating, lag-inducing, angle-limiting N30 just to get some wind effects?  Why not just get hair that’s already blowing in the wind?  Oops, did I sound a bit negative there? It’s my 8th day as a non-smoker and I am feeling cranky. Ignore that, and focus on the hair. 

This particular hair is from Aden and is called Windblown – a name that captures everything you need to know which makes it one of the few hairstyles with a name that is actually descriptive of what it looks like and requires no memorization. Gosh, that’s cranky sounding too!!! I think I should just post a couple photos and the style notes and shut up. 

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