UnDress(ed) at the Beach

posted by Gidge Uriza

I’ve been looking for something to wear with this bikini from Vogel and the launch of the UnDress skins from Digit Darkes was just the excuse I needed to head down the the beach. Everyone knows the true test of an exceptional skin is how it looks nekkid.

Ok this one is just lovely. But this isn’t THAT kind of blog.

So the next best thing has to be to lay it out CLOSE to naked in a beautiful bikini and see how she looks, eh? The rocks hurt my butt, by the way.

I’ve been becoming a real connoisseur of tummies, in SL.  I rarely look at my skins naked right away, but I’m such a fan of Digit’s work that I immediately stripped down to check out what she had to offer.  I’m completely in love with the soft, “non-six-pack abs” look that is becoming more common and Digit did a great job on this one. Even Cajsa remarked upon seeing me rezz up. 

I’m not showing you, perverts, but the nipples are really beautiful as well. And that’s all I’m saying.

Digit Darkes UnDress W9 - Sunkissed

 The sunkissed tone is about a shade darker than I might normally wear, but as you an see, absolutely beautiful. This comes in lots of make up options……so go check it out at Digit Darkes.

Fashion Details

review copy items indicated by an R

  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
  • Skin – Digit Darkes – UnDress – W9 sunkissed R
  • Hair – Damselfly -Cathryn – Sand Dollar Blend
  • Swimsuit – VOGEL/SJA – Funky
  • Bracelet – Soft Orb bracelet from Bonita’s
  • Necklace – Hearts and Doves locket by Dinee Ghia

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  1. sasyscarborough

    aww man you mean I clicked and its NOT that kind of blog 😛 giggles, you look so cute.

    xox Sasy xox

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