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C'est Si Bon

The Cherish dress from Tres Beau that I found at the Clothing Fair is a wow! Since the store is French in name – I thought of the song “C’est Si Bon”  with the oh-so-appropriate lines: ” With big Cadillac cars/Mink coats – jewels/As big as your fist – you know?” was a perfect choice. The necklace from Yabusaka for the Accessory Fair is not as big as your first, but I love the style – and the contemporary to traditional contrast of the jewelry and the dress.

Now, who can turn down the opportunity to listen to Eartha?

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Say Yes to the Dress

One of the silliest reality shows on cable is ‘Say Yes to the Dress” about the ups and downs of selling wedding dresses as a high end New York retailer known as Kleinfeld’s. It’s inane, but I had to watch it once just because I loved the name of the show. I love to say Yes to the dress – and it’s so easy when the dress is as lovely as this Wilder gown from MiaMai.

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Eponymous Me!

The Cajsa Suit comes with a black wide belt, however, I wanted the bright orange pop of this M*A*ii*K*I belt to counterbalance the necklace.

So, more in jest than in than anything, I have occasionally whined that with a name like Cajsa, I will never get anything named after me. After all, who would no know to pronounce it. Well, Leah McCullough of NAIVE did a cannonball into the pool and created the suit I am wearing above and named it Cajsa. Yes, I now have eponymous clothing!! So, here’s the tutorial so you can run to NAIVE and pick up the Cajsa Suit in blue (shown), pink, gray or black. The first syllable is pronounced CAI as in Cairo and the second is pronounced ZHA as in Asia. No excuses now, so off you get to NAIVE. Meanwhile, I am going to jam to James Brown:

I feel good, I knew that I would, now
I feel good, I knew that I would, now
So good, so good, I got you

Whoa! I feel nice, like sugar and spice
I feel nice, like sugar and spice
So nice, so nice, I got you

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O Admiral, My Admiral

My apologies to Walt Whitman.

Last Saturday, I saw Uma’s marvelous post with the My Admiral Jacket from Milk Motion. She is one of my favorite bloggers and someone whose originality and fashion wit brings real joy and elan to the feed.  I have never met her, but certainly get the impression that she is what we call “nice people” in my neck of woods as her blog is always positive and a delight. When I saw that jacket I knew I had to have it and seriously, it was a struggle to take it off. In fact, I wore it in two outfits back to back.

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Just like Romeo & Juliet – Day 7 of I♥EC Week

We all have balconies in our minds where were stand wondering wherefore art our own personal Romeos the particular ones that captured our hearts. Next time you wander out to question the wisdom of Cupid’s aim, why not look the part and wear this lovely Devotion dress from Evie’s Closet? After all, it’s just like Romeo & Juliet.

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Sorting my inventory, I came across the lovely yellow floral print dress from &Bean. It’s called Skinny Love and if skinny means short, it’s well named. I was in the mood for a longer option and remembered the lovely tulip skirt from mocca and switched it out and headed off to Lollygaggers Shopping Experience to shoot a few pics – not that the run down and decrepit look of the shopping lane matched the outfit, but for the opposite reason – that it is so grim in contrast to the light cheerfulness of the outfit.

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Digit's Egyptian Revival

I am always curious what Digit Darkes will do for festivals like the Digital Alchemy show at Kings Rezzable. Her design sensibility is so strong that you know that no matter where or what the initial inspiration, the ultimate design will be recognizably and indisputably hers. To be clear, that’s not saying she is uninfluenced by her inspirations – but rather that she never allows her source of inspiration to limit her design and that is truly the spirit of Egyptian Revival fashion. In essense, then with Digit’s design you have Egyptian Revival for 2009.

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Theda Bara's Dress

Another favorite from the Digital Alchemy celebration of Egypt was this marvelous gown from Laughing Academy that wholeheartely embraced the multiple influences of the Art Deco Egyptian Revival movement. By designing a dress as an homage to Theda Bara, Laughing Academy frankly places the gown right smack in the middle of that movement.

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::: B@R ::: Appreciation Challenge #1

Winter Jefferson, the only sardonic Australian Vampire knight fashionisto on the grid, has issued a challenge that really appealed to me. He has asked fashion bloggers to show some love for June Dion and Bare Rose, the prolific, peripatetic and people-priced store that has been the lifesaver for costume hunters and bargain shoppers across the grid. Winter lists the many reasons to love Bare Rose and I won’t repeat them, just ask that you hop over to In Cold Blood and see if you don’t agree that Bare Rose is well-deserving of a blogging tribute.  Take for example, this chidori jacket…

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