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Hoarders: The SL Edition


Monica Outlander made this stunning gown with the peacock print insets, releasing them at the Fashion Pride event in March. She produced it in several colors, but my favorite is this gorgeous royal blue.


I admit I am an SL hoarder. I have items in my inventory from 2007. In fact, I am wearing items from 2007 in this picture. Now, I am not the worst. I do throw things out. Pose stands, landmarks, notecards are ruthlessly trashed. All my shoes with invisiprims have been deleted. Pants with sculpted bottoms and prim flap skirts – gone! Full bright hair – done! Bling – get outta here! But then, I falter.




I think Monica Outlander makes more use of materials than any other fashion designer. You can see her fascination with its possibilities in almost everything she makes.


But how could anyone delete something as gorgeous as this gown? Even if I never wear it again, I might. You never know, right?

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The Light

The MiaMai Bridal Collection is out and inspiring me to try out Quicktime’s new built in screen capture film-making. Monica Outlander of MiaMai has found inspiration in the new materials option and her inspiration and craft are really shown to great effect in this gown where the shine and shimmer of materials add luster and glimmer and subtle shading. It’s a gorgeous gown that inspired me to run over to Memento Mori to shoot some pictures that might capture some of the magic in her gown. The song is Sara Bareilles’ The Light because light is so much a part of the experience of wearing this dress – and of Memeto Mori.


Not the little dusting of pink in the light.

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Week 10 – Avocado

On with the mesh….. I saw this dress on someone else and I HAD to blog it. Its just slinky, sexy, yummy, mesh goodness. And my first purchase of mesh from Boom and I LOVE it! Its my week 10 submission for Luna Jubilee’s 52 Week’s of Color Part Deux.


Shopping List:
Dress: Boom – Tube Dress, Willow
Shoes: N-Core – Essence, Graphite
Jewelry: Muse – Blanche, Gold
Hair: Tameless – Divinity, Blonde
Skin: PXL – Faith, Natural
Makeup: Avoki – Shadowliner, Smokey Brown — Amacci – Lip Tattoo, Earth 10
Eyes: Mayfly – Liquid Light Mesh Eyes, London Fog
Eyelashes: LeLutka, Natural
Nails: PixelMode – Sculpted Nail V2, Platinum Edition V2 Gloss
Poses: BENT
Photo studio: photoLife
Lighting: LumiPro

It's New To US – Y & R

It’s a quick one today but Cajsa TP’d me over to a new to us store Y & R to show me the cute dresses and clothes for sale. We couldn’t resist shooting a quickie, the store is inexpensive and the clothes are fun and girly.  Continue reading

House of Dashwood for Couture of Hope


The Avenue Couture of Hope fundraiser for Relay For Life is chock full of beautiful designs – which is fitting since hope is a beautiful thing. I particularly love the bodice on this gorgeous dress from House of Dashwood. Appropriately named Serapina after the angels, it’s a lovely and angelic white dress with lovely flowing tulle panels that bring to mind the wings of the seraphim.
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Say Yes To The Dress

Petunia With Gidge_021
As soon as the demos for this gown rezzed on our bodies, Gidge and I knew that we had really found something special. It reminded me of the magical moments on the show Say Yes to the Dress and its sexy styling reminded me of the show’s favorite designer Pnina Tornai.
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Fashion For Life's Last Day


Today is the final day of Fashion For Life. You simply must go. Even if you haven’t a linden in your pocket, go to the see the amazing sims built for the event. If you have lindens, go and support cancer research and find yourself something lovely. Several stores have discounted prices to increase the sales and raise even more money for the American Cancer Society – so it’s a win-win for you. Speaking of something lovely, This is the Maylee dress from LaLei. It comes in several colors, I happened to choose the white one because I wanted to shoot a white dress at this dance floor on Emerald Green.

Walking up to the dance floor, I stopped to admire the waterfall. Emerald Green is sim full of little jewel-like settings such as this. It’s artfully built with high mountains and deep valleys to form small settings that are a photographer’s dream.
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Birds of a Feather


When I saw the amazing Passage to India dress from Violator, I decided to take the expression “Birds of a feather flock together” to the extreme, adding peacock earrings and hair to the mix. I suppose I could also have added peacock shoes, but a different pair of shoes came to mind. In fact, when I saw the shoes at the Shoe Fair, I said to myself, “Self, now you can finally shoot that wild outfit from Violator!” You see, I finally have shoes wild enough to match the wild energy of the dress.

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The Darda dress from Lelutka is a delightful surprise of a dress – though probably not the way you think. If you give it a quick glance, it’s very tailored with an elegant blouse suitable for any boardroom and a skirt that, except for its length, is a beautifully tailored and professional looking style. There’s a lot of elegance in this dress, but those four word “except for its length” matter quite a bit because this is a dress with high cut glitch pants that flash your assets. Surprise!

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I took a Detour on my way to this post

I love the hair at Detour – but sadly it has been an age and half since they last produced some new hair. So yesterday, even though I was all dressed, had done my style notes and ready to shoot this outfit, when I heard there was new hair at Detour I jumped off my pose pad and thumbed a ride over to Detour. And look what I found!!

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