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Quick Look:*Linc*, Exile and Sh!t Happens

posted by Gidge Uriza

The ENTIRE reason I ever tried out 50L Fridays was because of these damned leggings from Sh!T Happens. I have yet to curse Ana, their creator, because she’s unleashed a new shopping fetish.

I NEEDED another one of those, right? Continue reading

All About Me – Items With My Name!

posted by Gidge Uriza

I started this project last year, slowly collecting items with MY name in them. I don’t have beautiful braided hair named after me (grins at Cajsa) but I have managed over the past year to collect some things with both my nickname and my proper name in them which tickles me to no end.

For Clarification – I’m Bridgette. I’m also GIDGE which is not only my SL Avatar’s name, it’s the nickname I answer to in RL. In most instances it’s how I distinguish between friends and acquaintances.

Friends call me Gidge. Continue reading

Mix and Match Fun:Posh + Pixel Dolls=Festive!

posted by Gidge Uriza

I turned into Cajsa the other night when working on putting together an outfit and realized that I thought that this black party dress from POSH needed a different skirt.

There was nothing WRONG with the skirt that came with it, it’s a really cute gift that was out in the store. But it’s so much fun to pull outfits apart and put them back together in different ways – creating something new. Continue reading

Let Me School You:An SL Bug PSA

posted by Gidge Uriza

See that picture above? Now really look at it. Really look at it. Do you see what is wrong? No? How about now?

Nice Uber Modern Gloves?

Nice Uber Modern Gloves?

Sooo, what’s up with these gloves? They’re a little, whacky.

My initial thought was “hmmm weird gloves” but I really like Sascha the designer and thought well, she’s doing something wonky with gloves. Whatever I’ll go with it.

Then, after seeing my original post she was horrified, and let me know this dress does NOT have gloves. Seems I’d been hit by an SL bug, but Sascha had the fix. Continue reading

Eggplant Elegance !

posted by Gidge Uriza

Lemania Indigo continues to shuffle through her store’s inventory, retiring pieces daily and weekly as she makes new creations. You will have to RUN this morning to catch the Eggplant Elegance gown before it retires forever from her store. Continue reading

Backpacking Alone In Mexico

posted by Gidge Uriza

With my busy shooting schedule plus a store to run plus a hunt to get ready for (duh it’s started!) and a slew of friends I love to spend time with……I rarely have those moments alone anymore.

I don’t know if you ever have had them in SL, but those perfect moments of quiet……where you’re just exploring something, wandering…….experiencing that quiet solitude that you can find in such a huge world on a quiet night. Continue reading

And Then I Got a Custom Skin

posted by Gidge Uriza

Gogolita did a piece some time ago about the custom skin available at Soda Skin Designer and when I was at a loss for a “perfect” Christmas skin, I started scrolling through her history to find the piece – I HAD to have the perfect skin. Continue reading