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A Valediction for Parenthood



I watched the penultimate episode of Parenthood last night. It was emotionally exhausting and I cried far harder than I probably should over fictional characters in a television series. When I watched the first episode of Parenthood six years ago, I had no idea what I was getting into. It was such a quiet show that seemed to have such humble ambitions – merely telling the story of an American family. I think there was a clue right from the start, though, that this was going to be more than a post-milennial Eight is Enough. After all, their last name is Braverman.



Braverman! That name must be something to live up to. I actually looked up the name’s origin because I was pretty sure it did not originate with some courageous Saxon stalwart holding off a Viking horde and being called a “braver man” than most and then passing that name on for generations. It turns out to be Jewish surname from the Ukraine, a form of the Yiddish word braver which means good or honest. At least that is what most of the sources say, though one source says it means distiller. Well, the Braverman family does like their spirits. The name is perfect, though, there is something good and honest about this family and their quotidian dramas.

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Think of All the Stories That We Could Have Told


The ottoman is a pose prop from Lost Angel for Pose Fair. The shopping bags come with the ottoman.

One day baby, we’ll be old
Oh baby, we’ll be old
And think of all the stories that we could have told
One day baby, we’ll be old
Oh baby, we’ll be old
And think of all the stories that we could have told

One Day Reckoning by Asaf Avidan


We aren’t old yet; and there’s no reason not to tell our stories now. I think one way we tell our stories is through fashion. What we wear signifies so much about us. as we walk down the street, complete strangers can learn how daring or conventional we are, how flashy or restrained, how forward-looking or how nostalgic. Of course, that is an incomplete picture since we can wear something avant garde one day and something waiflike the next. After all, we contain multitudes.

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Confessions: Lust


Today I am wearing the seventh of the Seven Sins Gacha skins from PXL Creations, Lust. In one of those strange moments of synchronicity, PXL’s Seven Sins was released at the same time as Buckcherry’s Confessions which includes their own version of the Seven Sins. Some of the songs work beautifully with the skins while others are more difficult. I thought these few lines from Lust by Buckcherry worked well for my photo set.

The night life is calling and now you have to go
Time for the hunter to find himself a doe
She knows you better, better than you know.


Right before Mardi Gras, Lost Angel released a fabulous pose prop called Carnival. It all begins with the red pillow and mask. Click it to rez a pose ball and enjoy the seven different poses each with its own mask that rezzes in position for your pose.
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Gone But Not Forgotten Blogger Challenge


Today I am wearing Curio’s Chic New Wave skin. You still cannot buy this lovely youthful skin because the legal case is continuing to work its way through the system. Someone once said that justice is like a train that is always late.  While the “court of the internet” may have adjudicated this case, the court of law moves more slowly and months will pass in discovery and depositions and waiting to be scheduled into court calendars and the wheels will grind slowly.

But the wheels of Second Life spin faster. Stores that close are soon forgotten, buried in an alluvial plane created by the flood of new stores, new designers and new releases. The relentless flow of the new, new, new can overwhelm stores that are able to engage in SL commerce, so imagine how that will affect a store that has closed. If you search for Curio and SL, you don’t find Gala Phoenix’s beautiful skins, you find stories about the legal case.

So, I have a challenge, or perhaps a better term is a pledge. I pledge to wear and blog Curio skins at least twice a month, even though my readers cannot buy them right now. It’s not a lot, but if other bloggers who like the brand and have the skins can also take part, perhaps we can help combat the flood of forgetfulness, each post a little sandbag against the flood of time.

Of course, we all blog with varying frequency, so some may pledge more and some may pledge less, but I hope that those who can, will take this pledge. I would love to google Curio and SL and see pretty pictures and fun fashion posts again.

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One Dark Alley You Don’t Want to Avoid


Lost Angel made a fabulous Dark Alley couple’s pose set for Vintage Fair. It’s one that evokes Sam Spade and Brigid O’Shaughnessy and love, greed, betrayal and all those other old-fashioned values of the noir detective. Happily, I was able to still use the poses and just delete the one I was not using at the time. I did think about inviting someone to come pose, but figured that would just make me crash – since that was the way my viewer was behaving.

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This is the 3379th post at It’s Only Fashion – they do add up, don’t they? Why did I point that out? Mainly because I could not think of anything to organize this post around. I thought about writing about the effing brilliant Olympic Opening Ceremony – a democracy’s response to the despotic precision of China – but that doesn’t have anything to do with this outfit. I thought about writing about the ineffable presumption of some folks who are so quick to criticize others (creators, event planners, bloggers and photographers to name a few) and how that drip, drip, drip of negativity wears and erodes the spirit – but that doesn’t have anything to do with this outfit. I thought about writing about the fear of rejection that makes clicking an Add Friend button a fraught exercise in risk analysis – but that doesn’t have anything to do with this outfit either. But – I was wearing this outfit when these topics came up and somehow they came to mind when I started to blog.


I even thought about blogging about the upcoming Vintage Fair. After all, the skirt from Peqe has a vintage flair. The fabulous print jacket is called Vintage and the set is Long Angel’s Vintage Picture Window set. I guess three vintages could make that work, couldn’t it? Even if none of the pieces are at the Vintage Fair?  So, yes, Vintage Fair is coming – opening August 4th and running to August 29th. I am excited and know many of you will be, too, but there are only a few peeks and previews on Flickr and elsewhere. I know it will be wonderful, but how wonderful is still a mystery.

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Spam Gets Metaphysical


We get spam. Luckily most just flies right past into a filter, but a few gems get by and then we get to manually trash it. Every once in a while, it’s tempting to let one through. Take this nugget of wisdom we received today:

Indeed, the sound of words can strike more keenly than any modern decoding of them. Without thinking of the meaning, chant the words “cellar door” to yourself.

I am sure the secret of the universe can be found in there somewhere.  So, I will chant “cellar door” while I stand here looking Tres Glam. And no, I am not being vain. My top is from a Tres Blah dress and the pants are from Glam Affair – which makes me Tres Glam, right?

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Fashion Vanguard

Chic2 Vanguard

There is a vanguard in any human endeavor, there is a vanguard that leads the way forward. They are the ones who develop new ideas. The find the new technologies and adopt new ways of communicating in music, literature and art. They are the forward shock troops in combat and in culture. It’s appropriate, then, that the store Vanguard in Second Life produces clothing that is completely á la page and then one step beyond.

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More color than a rainbow


Azure Electricteeth of the brand Tee*fy has created an adorable babydoll that is so cute it triumphed over my usual preference for a more tailored fit with snug, body-hugging waists. Part of its deliciousness comes from the tiny spaghetti straps that are sliding off the shoulders – a bit of cheeky fun. She adds a strapless alternative to the folder in case you want to layer or something, but who would want to cover up that charming detail? But even more, it’s the color! She made this dress in enough colors for two rainbows. Yes, 15 different colors from rich, vibrant primary colors to tender, romantic pastels, there’s a color for everyone.

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Three Events

Are you hungry for mesh? Then you should run, not walk, to faMESHed. And yes, I still privately call it Fame Shed because that’s how we roll here. There’s lots of delights there and with some of the other events going on this weekend. There’s so much going on, that I put together this post with an item or two from three different events.

The dress, however, is even more special because it is not associated with an event. Yes, you get to go to an actual store! I came across Bilo at The Ashraya Project, loved the design aesthetic and the workmanship and went on a mini-spree at the store where I picked up this fabulous dress that combines the fit of system where with the flexibility and finesse of mesh. Instead of the old hated crotch flap, there is a mesh skirt panel that makes the system pants and top into a dress. It’s well done, merging mesh with system pieces so you can’t even see the join except from certain extreme angles and positions.

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