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Azoury for Couture of Hope

I was very intrigued by the design from Azoury France for Couture of Hope. The dress is named La Tenue Lavande or the Lavender Dress. Just that alone is intriguing since it is not lavender in color. Most intriguing, though, is the sculpted skirt and the fine details in its construction. From the felted denim of the skirt, the sculptural shaping of the skirt to the leather laced embellishments, it’s a dress designed to not only please, but to make you curious.
Some may ask why. Fashion asks why not. My apologies to George Bernard Shaw.
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Quick Look: Mr. Poet

I love this sweater. I have one like it in RL and it’s so warm and cozy. It’s my go-to-sweater for those fall events when the weather is just cool enough to need something, but not cold enough for a coat. It’s thick enough that I can wear it in the Oregon rain without getting wet. You don’t get wet when it rains all day and accumulates 2/hundredths of an inch, so it keeps me warm, dry and cozy. Now I have the perfect sweater for visiting those misty, rainy sims.

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Dressing for Rain That Isn't There, plus an Ode to Maitreya

We have an average of 150 rainy days a year where I live  and they are almost all consecutive. We have a sunny, dry season and a cloudy, wet season. As much as folks struggle to make four seasons,  it’s more like 2.5.  It’s not as bad as it sounds, though, since you can run around in the rain for two hours without getting wet. This is the perfect sort of outfit for the kind of rainy days we get. It acknowledges the weather without overreacting.  You want to look like you did check the weather in the morning and are not oblivious to the rain or the old folks on the bus will “tut tut.” What could be better than a lovely sweater dress with a thick enough knit to repel all the rain and some nice warm knit stockings to keep your tootsies toasty? When I saw this Ingrid dress at Lelutka I decided I want one in every color in RL. Now if only they were sold in Lindens.

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Hee Haw or I wasn't kidding about the boots.

Normally I would wait and post this in the morning, but since I have shown you Miffy in these old lace up boots in black, I thought you would enjoy the funny coincidence that we were both wearing the same boots, but in completely different styles. After a trip to magi take, I could not resist showing off my finds – especially since it reminds me of cleaning out the cow barn at my uncle’s dairy farm. This may be TMI, but I assure you it’s much more pleasant shoveling straw and manure than washing down the milk off the floor in the milking shed.

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Looking Backward

I will only borrow the title of Edward Bellamy’s book since the main predictions of his 1888 book missed by a mile, though he did sort of predict debit cards, Wal-Mart,  and Itunes.  Somehow, though, I think if Edward Bellamy were alive today he would live in Second Life even more than most of us.  However, in looking backwards, I am focusing more on the delightful attention to the back displayed in this top from Spice and Sugar and pants from Naive.  Since so much of us spend a lot of SL looking at our backs, isn’t it nice to see designers taking pains to make the back interesting.

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Rangoon or It Doesn't Hurt to Ask

I have told you about the XNT Rangoon Shirts before in a post in which I wished designer Nix Sands would make a underpants layer so the shirts would tuck in and be wearable with lower-waisted clothing.  In conversation, I explained that not all of us women like baring our navels all the time and he promised to look into it.  I was delighted, then, when he dropped two new Rangoon shirts on me with the underwear layer. One was black cherry and the other was this gorgeous pearl shirt.

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