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C'est Si Bon

The Cherish dress from Tres Beau that I found at the Clothing Fair is a wow! Since the store is French in name – I thought of the song “C’est Si Bon”  with the oh-so-appropriate lines: ” With big Cadillac cars/Mink coats – jewels/As big as your fist – you know?” was a perfect choice. The necklace from Yabusaka for the Accessory Fair is not as big as your first, but I love the style – and the contemporary to traditional contrast of the jewelry and the dress.

Now, who can turn down the opportunity to listen to Eartha?

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What's In A Name?

Juliet asked, “What’s in a name?” She answered that names really don’t matter, that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Gertrude Stein said something similar, “A rose is a rose is a rose.” But…

She’s wrong!!!

Don’t get me wrong, I would love this new hairstyle from Truth no matter what it was called. It reminds me of my mother braiding my hair in a coronet round my head. It is so me, it takes my breath away, but that it’s also named after me makes me do the happy dance. Yes, this is the Cajsa hair style – a lovely gesture from Truth Hawks – not only making a hair style that I suggested, but giving it my name.  I was so excited, I made my RL friends look.

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I've Been Harperized

While reading the blogs yesterday, I read my friend Harper Ganesvoort‘s marvelous overview of Tukinowaguma hair. I already had hair from there, but her post was still a revelation – of how long its been since I went there and how much the hair has developed and improved. The first place I went after signing in was straight to Tukinowaguma Main Store – and was stunned by all the irresistible options. This one – Pincushion – jumped right into my inventory. Now, the vendor pictures showed no red hair options and I figured I would be tinting, but this is color-change scripted so I only had to click on the hair, the red button and test the many, many red options.

But…I would not say I was Harperized if it were only one thing. You see, I signed in this morning and surprise, surprise Harper had gifted me a lovely, wonderful and sexy dress from Clio. I should point out that Harper is not associated with Clio other than as a customer who gave this lovely gown as a gift. Of course, I had to try it on immediately.

Now that’s Harperized! Oh my, that Pincushion hair is made for back shots. And isn’t the train on this dress magnificent?

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Digit's Egyptian Revival

I am always curious what Digit Darkes will do for festivals like the Digital Alchemy show at Kings Rezzable. Her design sensibility is so strong that you know that no matter where or what the initial inspiration, the ultimate design will be recognizably and indisputably hers. To be clear, that’s not saying she is uninfluenced by her inspirations – but rather that she never allows her source of inspiration to limit her design and that is truly the spirit of Egyptian Revival fashion. In essense, then with Digit’s design you have Egyptian Revival for 2009.

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Theda Bara's Dress

Another favorite from the Digital Alchemy celebration of Egypt was this marvelous gown from Laughing Academy that wholeheartely embraced the multiple influences of the Art Deco Egyptian Revival movement. By designing a dress as an homage to Theda Bara, Laughing Academy frankly places the gown right smack in the middle of that movement.

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