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Thoughts of Spring

1800 miles due east of Portland is where I grew up – in the Northwoods of Minnesota. It sounds much closer in longitude. Only 26 degrees away. However, here thoughts of spring are in the air. In the courtyard there are some crocuses popping up. There’s a small bed of daffodils blooming alongside the church across the street. My best friends camellias are blooming and there’s pregnant buds on the magnolias.  Back home, a blanket of snow covers the ground and it’s a frigid -6 degrees Fahrenheit, that’s -21 to the rest of the world. I am so glad to be here where I can think of spring and put on such a lovely gown as this vernal confection from Lady Thera.

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Art & Fashion

Lady Thera’s Art & Fashion is the store for art lovers who also love fashion. She doesn’t just plop a picture on a t-shirt but rather samples the original art in order to create patterns with which she creates new and original work. Her sampling is so well done, you might call her LT Cool, but you had probably better not. This dress is based on William Turner’s work. Turner was the master of painting sea and sky which you can sense from this dress. There’s a marvelous online collection at the Tate Online.

This picture, by the way, was shot at MDR Photo Park – on the black field, a huge flat black plane. I then just rezzed some surreal flowers from MiaSnow including an artichoke tree. Because I am not landscaping, I can stack flowers on top of flowers, making a sort of box of flowers and get a full background with any gaps filled in by the black field. It’s a fun, fast and easy way to make an impressionistic background like this.

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Going Dotty for Van Gogh

I had the original Van Gogh dress from Lady Thera’s Art & Fashion, but last night while I was talking to her about another outfit that is no longer on sale, she recalled some photos my ex shot of me in that dress and sent me a newer edition. Much sexier, she said.  It sure is. It comes in two version – with a prim skirt or with the system skirt. With the system skirt, you can even do some navel-gazing. The one I am wearing is the one with the prim skirt. Yup, very sexy.

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And love will steer the stars!

But I won’t be steering anything after this photo shoot. I had so much fun making this wonderful Bishwear hair swing by going back and forth on the pose pad – next-previous-next-previous- that I made myself dizzy.  I have a bias for hair that moves and swings, and this Hair Fair offering called Seductress is well-named. It seduced me into playing like a six-year-old with my pose pad. And the blouse…well I had to shoot it with two different looks, it’s that good a top. Continue reading

Starry Night Romance

Lady Thera's Starry Night

Posted by Cajsa Lilliehook

My partner and I had a date last night and since he has been away for a week, i wanted a special dress and know he always likes my dresses from Art & Fashion. I knew he would love this one because he was going to get if for me for my birthday, but i had already purchased it.

If you don’t know Lady Thera Taurog’s work, you are in for a treat. Taking inspiration from great artist like Van Gogh, as in this dress, but also Monet, Cezanne, Magritte and Kandisky to name just a few, Lady Thera creates incredible fabrics by reimagining some of their great works. A lesser artist might clone stamp selections of the original art, but if you look at this dress or any of her others, you can see that she recreates the work – in new and beautiful homages to the original.

Now I have never asked her, but I assume Lady Thera likes to dance because she designs ideal dresses for dancing. The flexi-prims are soft and flowing, generously distributed and spaced artfully to give discreet flashes of thigh while you dance. Her dresses are designed with such craft that they retain their flow and soft romantic feeling while you dance.

The dress comes with an alternate top for more casual wear and with gloved sleeves as well. I combined it with dark blue shoes from Aphrodite Creations to match the dark blue in the bodice and a pair of long dangling earrings from Untone.

You can see more photos of the dress at my Flickr. Closer snap of the bodice and earrings as well as style notes after the jump.

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Irises by Lady Thera

Lady Thera's Water LilliesFebruary 20th-

There are dozens of creative, innovative designers in Second Life but there is only one Lady Thera Taurog. Lady Thera designs clothes that incorporate textures inspired by great masterpieces of the world’s finest aritists. This dress is inspired by the iris paintings of Vang Gogh. Lady Thera doesn’t just copy a texture square and paste it into her clothing texture, she reimagines the texture and incorporates it into the gown with innovation and imagination.

As a bonus, Lady Thera’s flexi textures such as her skirts are amazing. They float, they sway, the move naturally as your body moves. Lady Thera is the sort of designer who once you own one of her items, you will want to own all of them…and luckily, she has her entire collection for sale in a box….though I noticed that far to late to benefit from the discount.

Wearing Shape Melli2 by hatchy mills, skin: amy 04 by RaC, Hair: Mandy by Muism, Eyes:L Soulful Hazel by IC Eyes. Dress: Iris by Lady Thera’s Art & Fashion; Shoes: AC Serentity by Aphrodite Creations.