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Cajsa Unplugged

I love music of nearly every genre and in particular, I love the sound of the guitar. From the prestidigitation of Flamenco guitarists like Montoya or the precision of classical guitarists like Parkening, from the wild ride of Link Wray to the artistry of Hendrix, I love the sound of a guitar. And so, when my friend Abraxxa Anatine of EarthStones produced these amazing earrings, they were beyond irresistible. And seriously, you have to see them to believe them. The pegheads, the fretboard, the individual pieces of the guitar – are individual precisely, delicately flawlessly crafted nanoprims. The detail is amazing and there’s a closer pic after the cut – though even that won’t do it justice.

I DJ’ed at Vicious on Friday night – a set that was not even one bit acoustic – a mix of reggaeton, electronica, hip hop and funk. I wanted a great clubbing dress and this 70ties dress from Redgrave fit the bill for a great night of dancing.

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The Luck o' the Irish

I have never understood that phrase. Have you noticed any particular luck the Irish have had, what with potato famines, centuries of occupation and colonization, the “troubles” and to top it off, leprachauns.  I guess the one lucky thing is their association with the color green – my favorite color – and one that has worldwide associations with luck, wealth and prosperity because it reminds people of plentiful fields and the promise of big harvests to come. So, in many ways, the luck of the Irish is about the promise of the future – not so much the reality of today and of the past. So perhaps their luck is optimism. The sort of happy, luck-reliant optimism than imbues this Clover dress from Moxie Polano – a Relay For Life Clothing Fair offering.

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Jazmin & Clyde

Bonnie & Clyde may have come to a bad end, but I think Jazmin and Clyde roll together famously and will ramble along until a comfortable retirement in some distant inventory purge.  The Clyde in this outfit is the new line of ribbon-tied ankle boots from Digit Darkes.  Jazmin is the marvelous minidress from Bare Rose that is as soft, romantic and frilly as can be…and flexible as well, wearable as a blouse or dress (just drop the  prim) and comes in several colors. I chose the wear the black dress for this shoot.

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Digit's Egyptian Revival

I am always curious what Digit Darkes will do for festivals like the Digital Alchemy show at Kings Rezzable. Her design sensibility is so strong that you know that no matter where or what the initial inspiration, the ultimate design will be recognizably and indisputably hers. To be clear, that’s not saying she is uninfluenced by her inspirations – but rather that she never allows her source of inspiration to limit her design and that is truly the spirit of Egyptian Revival fashion. In essense, then with Digit’s design you have Egyptian Revival for 2009.

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Theda Bara's Dress

Another favorite from the Digital Alchemy celebration of Egypt was this marvelous gown from Laughing Academy that wholeheartely embraced the multiple influences of the Art Deco Egyptian Revival movement. By designing a dress as an homage to Theda Bara, Laughing Academy frankly places the gown right smack in the middle of that movement.

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In the Valley of the Kings

Among my most unique pieces of jewelry is a heavy ornate Egyptian Revival necklace with the head of King Tut made of bakelite. Both bakelite and King Tut arrived on the scene in 1922 and much of the jewelry of the later Egyptian Revival combined both of them.  Admiring the Digital Alchemy event at Kings Rezzable, I was reminded more of the Egyptian Revival than anciant Egypt and that is as it should be – that was when Egypt was its most fashionable. That’s why Inorite’s classic bob is the perfect hairstyle – incorporating the modernism of the 1920’s with the Egyptian Revival aesthetic.

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