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Art & Fashion

Lady Thera’s Art & Fashion is the store for art lovers who also love fashion. She doesn’t just plop a picture on a t-shirt but rather samples the original art in order to create patterns with which she creates new and original work. Her sampling is so well done, you might call her LT Cool, but you had probably better not. This dress is based on William Turner’s work. Turner was the master of painting sea and sky which you can sense from this dress. There’s a marvelous online collection at the Tate Online.

This picture, by the way, was shot at MDR Photo Park – on the black field, a huge flat black plane. I then just rezzed some surreal flowers from MiaSnow including an artichoke tree. Because I am not landscaping, I can stack flowers on top of flowers, making a sort of box of flowers and get a full background with any gaps filled in by the black field. It’s a fun, fast and easy way to make an impressionistic background like this.

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Going Dotty for Van Gogh

I had the original Van Gogh dress from Lady Thera’s Art & Fashion, but last night while I was talking to her about another outfit that is no longer on sale, she recalled some photos my ex shot of me in that dress and sent me a newer edition. Much sexier, she said.  It sure is. It comes in two version – with a prim skirt or with the system skirt. With the system skirt, you can even do some navel-gazing. The one I am wearing is the one with the prim skirt. Yup, very sexy.

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Adele Dazzles

Regular readers know I there are a few designers that simply flip my switches. What they do just appeals to me on a different level than most fashion. Most designs that I like, I can admire and evaluate relatively objectively. If it’s reasonably priced, I will buy it. If not, I won’t.  Then there are those whose designs disconnect my brain from my wallet and blow my budget. They do something unique and new. Their clothing doesn’t remind me of anyone else. It’s wholly their own. LadyThera Taurog of Lady Thera’s Art & Fashion is one such designer and if ever there were a case of brain disconnection, it is this dress.

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And love will steer the stars!

But I won’t be steering anything after this photo shoot. I had so much fun making this wonderful Bishwear hair swing by going back and forth on the pose pad – next-previous-next-previous- that I made myself dizzy.  I have a bias for hair that moves and swings, and this Hair Fair offering called Seductress is well-named. It seduced me into playing like a six-year-old with my pose pad. And the blouse…well I had to shoot it with two different looks, it’s that good a top. Continue reading