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It Started with Sysy's Scarf

posted by Gidge Uriza

I gotta admit I’m not a big scarf wearer. I find that they so often floop out unnaturally and just look bizarre – or cut into my hair or some other thing that annoys.

So when I dropped on this lovely scarf from Sysy’s – I was immediately in love with the comfortable way it lays on your shoulders. So – I had to make an outfit around it, now didn’t I?

A crushed velvet jacket from Sn@tch and suede pants also from there seemed the perfect winter accompaniment to this lovely knitted scarf. Ok I might not be too warm……..but I look cute. Continue reading

Quelque part au-delà de la mer

posted by Gidge Uriza

I have to tell you guys a story while I show off this gorgeous, femme bikini/shorts set from Prelude.

Once upon a time I held a party and Cajsa’s tp’d in two of her friends – Polaire and Cezare. I instantly liked them. They were witty – they were full of wry repartee and good conversationalists. People who can carry on conversations on the grid can be hard to find – can’t they. You know – people who don’t think KEWLIES is an appropriate response to everything you say? Continue reading

Gidge Goes Tomboy…Well Sort Of….

posted by Gidge Uriza

The Rosalie Blazer from Pink Outfitters is a classic female cut blazer that has a really sweet feminine prim attachment – which after I got dressed decided was more girly than I wanted for this look.

Yes you heard me, it was too girly. Please write this day down on your calendar. Continue reading


posted by Gidge Uriza

The birthday of friend and designer Polaire Aeghin of PRELUDE was an excuse to break out this shimmery confection of a gown from Victoria V that I picked up during the grand opening of the SXY2nd sim.  Yeah I know, your friend is a creator so who do you wear to their private event? Continue reading

No. 99

I grew up in a church that was rich in musical tradition. Services were full of music and at least two Sunday evening services a month were music only. All of us had favorites and would call them out by number. The pastor’s son could be counted on to jump to his feet and shout No. 60 (The Old Rugged Cross) the second the service began. My favorite was No. 99 – In the Garden. When I put this dress on this morning, that song came into my head and I have been singing and humming it ever since. It’s a song that really exemplifies the ecstatic tradition in protestant faith, though some people get all huffy if you say that.

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There was a little girl

There was a little girl who had a little curl, right in the middle of her forehead. Okay, you all know I edit hair all the time, tinting it to suit, moving a strand of hair out of the way for a hat or for a photo, depending on the need. I just always make sure I am working with a copy. Now I have no sorry tale of woe, nothing like that. No, what I have is a sorry tale of not looking from multiple angles. I recently edited this hair a bit because I wanted my earrings to show in an outfit. So there I was shooting this outfit and noticing this curl going in front of my face and wanting to move it, but try as I might I could not select it. I kept missing. Finally, I cam out to see what in the heck is going on…and that one curl was about half a meter in front of my face, just so well lined up with my other hair, I could not see it from the angles I had been looking.  So definitely, I had a curl right in the middle of my forehead and leading by half a meter. Moral of the story: After you are done editing, cam from multiple anges to check for silly things like that.

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Nordic Girls Need Love Too!

posted by Gidge Uriza

You’re being subjected to more of my vacation mind from when I put these clothes together.  I attended the grand reopening of Myth and was tickled to see this set – so I had to go back a few days later to pick it up. I knew it’d be perfect for some beach strolling or sand castle building. Continue reading

Fashion Explorer

So I went shopping yesterday, exploring wonderful little shopping sims such as Olni Estates, Japan Canvas, Midnight Requiem and Retrology. Hard-working fashionista on the prowl – that was me, looking for new stores and new outfits all in the service of fashion and fun. And as I hopped along the grid, this outfit came into shape, starting with the skirt and the cotton top, both from MNK.

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Yourskin is Delightful

posted by Gidge Uriza

You might think that I like every skin given to me, that like a crack-fiend – I can find no flaw with my drug of choice.

And that is where you would be wrong. You see – I try on a LOT of skins, I receive many as review items and others I go hunting down based on blogs and plurks about what people have released.

Much of the time I slip into the new pixel shell and say OH HELL WHAT IS THIS?

You never see those skins. Because I want to look pretty, and I want YOU to look pretty, therefore it only behooves me to bring you that which pleases me and I hope will please you.

Thus, Yourskin. Continue reading