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Gypsies & KittyCatS


Modern Gypsy has released a new collection called Forever Gypsy full of bold new looks, with rich colors, bold prints and that fabulous flair we associate with Micah Kanto. I am addicted to plaid so this dress Muerra Look 5 immediately captured my heart. It came with a red belt, but I was feeling a bit more sedate and in a vintage mood so I grabbed this old wide belt from closet. It’s from Cachet, the former brand of Lelutka designer Thora Charron. It’s also a white belt, that I tinted to match the stones bedazzling the bodice.

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Modavia Fashion Week 2011.11

modern gypsy

The runway shows got off to a great start with the fun and colorful Modern Gypsy collection for Modavia Fashion Week. I love Micah Kanto’s design aesthetic – which gives us new and innovative shapes, bold colors and forms while remaining versatile and wearable. Muuuuahhh!

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Heaven Lake


I am wearing another of the wonderful new gowns from Micah Kanto’s recent collection for Modern Gypsy. Femme de Magnifica has a luscious sculpted skirt with a fabulous belt. It’s nearly nude beige and gold tones give it a subtly sexy look.  After seeing Heaven Lake in a recent post by Randi Lenroy, I thought it might be a great setting to show off the dress.
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First Date/Second Date


Modern Gypsy’s newest collection is full of interesting and avant garde designs. The Dovetta dress is, in my opinion, the most arresting – or the most likely to get you arrested since it doubles as a deadly weapon. In jest, I said it was a First Date dress, but then decided to explore the idea further – styling it for a First Date with an unknown quantity, giving it a hard-edged, remote styling. I added tintable leggings from Fashionably Dead and a belt from M.A.II.K.I in a bright cerise.


Luckily for this imaginary date and me, the prims detach for a more comfortable Second Date. I switched to a red belt from Lelutka and ditched the leggings.

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Here Be Colors

Micah Kanto is an adventurous designer, exploring shape, color, texture and ranging from sweet floral femininity to avant garde exploration of the extremes of fashion. With the three short summer dresses recently released by Modern Gypsy, the avenue for exploration was color and pattern. I love the bright summery boldness of the batik print with tribal inspirations. And sure enough, while looking at other constructions by the SL sim artist Glyph Graves, I found a sculpture installation that is almost the kinetic expression of the dress.

The title of the exhibit is Here Be Creatures and it’s a constantly moving, shifting light show that can entertain and mesmerize. You can find it Arachnod here: Here Be Creatures.

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The Secret Garden

Happy Mood is such a delightful store. It’s hard to describe because it sells such a mix of items, but if you want one word,  it’s a store that sells whimsy. Whimsy is the defining word for the secret garden at Happy Mood – a multi-level mixture of culvert tunnels, trees, flowers and fun. When I put on this fun Vive La Bohome dress from Modern Gypsy, I immediately though of whimsy and that made me go to Happy Mood for the photos.

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Dressing Backwards

Generally speaking I choose what clothes I am going to wear before I choose my jewelry or my shoes or anything else. That went out the window the other night when my friend Abraxxa Anatine of EarthStones sent me the new Tiana necklace and earrings in coral. The instant I saw it I knew what I had to wear with it – a dress I had seen at Modern Gypsy the week before but had not purchased in a futile attempt to manage my budget. I tp’ed over to Modern Gypsy and checked out the dress to see if I remembered correctly. Yes! It was perfect for highlighting the marvelous necklace as you can see here.

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I remember consulting with image experts for a new branding campaign for an organization several years ago. Our logo and materials were all red and white and the consultants wanted us to add blue. I wanted to avoid using exploitative associations with the flag to attract support. The consultants explained that red, white and blue ad campaign color really had nothing to do with the flag, but with trying to draw both genders. Women are drawn to red and men to blue and it’s likely that our membership was 65% women was due as much to our color choices as our program. Well, that’s not true, there is a gender gap on social and economic policy, but adding blue did result in increasing the percentage of men in the organization to around 40%. I think that’s just wild that a color could do that, but I have to acknowledge that I am much more drawn to red than to blue – especially a rich cardinal red like this one in the adorable new blouse from Modern Gypsy which I have paired with an old pencil skirt from Ingenue.

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